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Tea Time – Morning, Afternoon, Evening

August 5, 2012

The European Traveling Tea Box has once again landed in Haifa.  And such a treat it is indeed!

Arriving this time from Nadine in Germany, this:

opened to display this treasure pile:

I began to sample almost immediately.  The first thing I grabbed was a chai latte stick.

Oh my stars and whiskers, that is delicious stuff!  With many apologies to those folks after me on the ETTB list, all of these are staying with me.  And may well be gone very rapidly.  Now to figure out how to get my hands on more…  Seriously.

In the end, I took out a nice selection of yarn and tea and notions.

There’s a lovely purple button there, and some Regia sock yarn:

And some mystery yarn someone found at a flea market – lovely colour, very soft, and there’s definitely some mohair in the mix:

I added a bunch of stuff to fill the box back up:

Packed in as much vanilla halvah – always a favourite – as I  could until the scales read 2 kilos.  The box will soon be on its way again to Jackie in Denmark.

Now to make some lovely tea while I knit away at the Ravellenic projects.  On the Out of my Ravellenic Head I  finished the body of the shawlette, bunged in a lifeline and I’m into the lace border.  Not too complicated, but I do have to count very carefully.  On the Ravellenic Wings, I’ve started the fifth triangle and I’m still on the first colour pattern.  The pattern calls for eight triangles in all, but many people who have knitted this have made more.  I will knit until yarn and/or time runs out.  We’ll see how many that will be!

Putting the kettle on again.  Join me for a cuppa?