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Starting to feel human again

January 17, 2012

Had the tooth pulled last week.  The same one that’s been giving me trouble since September.  It got complicated, and the oral surgeon had to start cutting.  Ick.   He then stitched up the gum, and warned me that the stitches would bother me, probably stab my tongue a lot and it would be very sore.  Unfortunately, he was right.   Damn, the one time I wish that he didn’t know what he was talking about…

Painkillers, antibiotics, steroids for the swelling, and stuff to wash my mouth out with that burned like crazy.  Nothing hot allowed, only cold soft food (chewed on the other side, of course).  That got boring very fast.

I was supposed to rest, but it’s crazy busy at work right now, so I didn’t take any time off.    Not much sleep.  No time for knitting, blogging, web surfing.  And no hot tea.    Or soup, which I love in winter.  Made me a very nasty person.  Still visited kidlet, of course, where I tried to contain the crankiness to a minimum.

We had guests from London for the weekend, and I enjoyed their company, although part of the time I simply excused myself and slept.  I’m afraid I didn’t supply any sparkling conversation or wit, but at least I was civil.

Finally got the stitches out, not without a glitch or two, and the pain has mostly gone away.  I’m feeling optimistic that I can join the human race once again.    Maybe even get to Stitch-n-Bitch.   Friends, food, knitting.   Oh, yes.  And I will try to refrain from biting anyone’s head off.

It’s Benjamin Franklin’s birthday today, which should inspire me to invent something…  Like something to cover stitches with that won’t interfere with the healing but will protect one from the jabbing.  Kinda like chewing gum that will soften the sharp edges but won’t get all stuck.  Hm.

He doesn’t look too impressed with my idea, does he?

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”       — Benjamin Franklin

Wise move, Ben.


Alas! Neglected Damsel

January 7, 2012

Neglected in that I haven’t written a word about it!  It being my wonderful December package from the Smart Ass Knitters World Domination Club.

First off, let me say that I have long coveted Indigodragonfly’s DK Polwarth Silk yarn (75% polwarth wool/25% silk).  Especially since Glenna C. designed her Stage Door Cardigan for the yarn’s debut.

photo by crazyknittinglady

(A double whammy, since I also covet this pattern…)

But the yarn was, unfortunately, over my yarn budget.  Then the club package arrived…

Imagine my delight when my eyes beheld a magnificent 250 grams of Polwarth Silk!

The colour is called Young Helpless Damsels in Damp Climates – here’s an excerpt from the colour story:

… Cut to: A grim English morning.  Revenge upon sisters, an amateur philatelist, and on the porch, the discovery of a dead Jack Snipe.  What can all this mean?  Political intrigue, theft, Chemistry 101, and a particularly nasty ending in a nondescript cucumber patch. …

And along with this treat, a shawl pattern by Glenna C. called Flavia!

Flavia de Luce, the young amateur detective in Alan Bradley’s series of novels, definitely keeps busy.  If, like her, your day takes you anywhere from your own home chemistry lab, to cycling into town in investigate clues, to negotiating conversations with overly-curious librarians, well…you’d better at least have a comfortable shawl to throw around you while you’re doing it.

So.  Coveted yarn, a pattern by a fantastic designer, and all wrapped up in a mystery theme!!!  What more could I ask for?

Wait, there was more.  A wonderful little splityarn notions bag by Canadian artisan Caro Sheridan.

Partner liked the card inside the bag, which describes splityarn as

handmade goods for knitters and normal people

Ha.  I like the distinction as well.

I’m itching to cast on for Flavia with this yarn, but I am determined to finish some of the WIPs first.  Which include two other Indigodragonfly projects already on the needles.

Now if only I can find some decent knitting time….

Screwdrivers? Check. Hammer? Check.

January 4, 2012

I really needed some different storage in my room.  Had lots of shelves, but I decided drawers would be a better solution.  So earlier this week, after visiting kidlet, partner and I headed off to IKEA.

The store that burned down last year is almost but not quite yet ready to open, so we had to travel a bit more to a branch we hadn’t yet visited.  Plans are in the making to build another branch in the north, very close to us…uh oh.

I took my crutches, as I was worried that the long long walk through the store would cause too much pain in the hip.  But lo and behold, when we came through the entrance there were little scooters for customers to use!  A fantastic idea, I quickly signed for one.  Small enough to fit through all the aisles in the departments, they go forward and backward and turn sharply.

It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of the controls, although partner almost got run over a couple of times in the beginning.  And I do have to admit, the attempt at a Y-turn in the elevator was not terribly successful, except as a source of entertainment for partner, who was laughing so hard at my bouncing around she almost didn’t get out of the way in time.  But soon I was zipping along, eager to see everything, while partner tried to keep up.  (Serves her right for laughing….)

We stopped for a meal midway through, as usual.  Tried the Swedish meatballs this time, nice gravy but no lingonberries, which was a shame.

We ended up buying drawers for both of us, and I grabbed a table as well.  And we both got a few odds and ends.  That always happens….

At home, I built the table first.

You know how in the instructions they always list how many of each item you should have?  Like 48 screws this size and 20 this size, etc.  OK, so I’m weird, but I always open everything and count them all first.  I’ve never been short anything, but still.

Had a bit of a scare when in the midst of counting out fortysomething little plastic bits the cat leaped onto the table and scattered them all.  I shrieked, she fled, and then we managed to arrive at a mutually agreeable arrangement.  I worked on the furniture, and she played with the box.

She really got into it, too…

I had all the pieces lined up, all the tools at hand, old rug on the floor to cushion it…

Did the drawers first, even though the instructions start with the chest.  I just wanted to get them out of the way, that seemed so much more reasonable.  I figured that the big effort would be the main piece, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else after that.

Finally finished, and I’ve started to move things around and organise the room the way I want it.

Of course, now partner has decided that I should do hers as well.

Not tonight.  I love DIY stuff like this, but enough already for one day.

And I really want one of those scooters.

Sylvester outran me this year

January 2, 2012

Sylvester sped on by and out of sight, leaving me to eat his dust, and here it is January 2nd.  Yikes.  I’m lagging.  I’m dragging.  I’m sagging.  Oops.  (tmi, sorry)  Anyway, it’s 2012!!     And as for those of you who believe that the world is going to end on December 21st this year (12/21/12), well, you can let me take care of your assets for you…

I do love artist Mansha Friedrich’s message  in Hanover, Germany.

Kidlet is still in hospital, they’re changing her meds gradually in order to monitor her treatment, but she was allowed to come home for the weekend.  We picked her up Friday at noon, once she got home she was quickly joined by friends, and one friend from boarding school came and slept over.  Saturday morning I treated the girls to breakfast in bed – french toast was a big hit.

photo by kidlet

So  Saturday evening we took her back to the hospital, and then had a very quiet Sylvester.

No new resolutions, just hoping to make a dent in the long list of have-to-dos.

May 2012 be a wonderful year for all!!