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Yarn. Books. Chanukah!!!

December 21, 2012

December.  Still blogging in my head without getting much time to put it down.

Chanukah passed without a lot of fanfare.  Partner treated me to J.K.Rowling’s new novel The Casual Vacancy.  Finishing up one more book and then I’ll get to crack it open.

casual vacancy

Received a December RAK from Jenny (stolenpony) on Rav – the Hibiscus shawl pattern.  It will be perfect knitted with the handdyed yarn I got from Bat in a swap ages ago.  It has been sitting in my stash just waiting for the right pattern, but the search is over!

CrazyVet handdyed 2

A whole slew of Yarn & Falafel folk arrived in Haifa for the annual winter yarn crawl.  We met up at pal Batya’s to munch and shmooze and buy some of the fiber goodies brought by yarn sellers who usually do business online, before heading off down the hill to the LYSs.   Kidlet and I joined the crowd for the meet-up, but not for the crawl itself – too much walking for me and kidlet had other things to do later.

yarn crawl 2012-1

yarn crawl 2012-2

yarn crawl 2012-3

Photo by Roberta

Photo by Roberta

(That’s me wearing the Pearl Tower cowl!)   ‘Twas a grand time, and it was great to see some good friends and meet some new ones.

Credit for the highlight of the month so far, however, has to go to the fabulous Steven A of Bitches Get Stitches.  He has begun a tradition on his blog of holding a fund-raising raffle-of-sorts on World Aids Day on December 1st.  Anyone who donates to an Aids organisation (he recommends one each year, but it’s not mandatory to choose that particular organisation), on that day, can write to Steven about it, with proof of contribution, and be entered in a drawing for prizes.  He has lots of sponsors who donate the prizes, and manages to raise around $5000 each year so far.  Which is not to be sneezed at.  Something to be proud of indeed.

Well, among The Issues (as I’ve begun to call them) of the past few months are financial ones.  Not much leeway these days.  But I still try to donate when and where I possibly can.  So I sent in a donation of…one dollar.   (Hey…it’s something.)   Wrote to Steven and apologised for not being able to manage more than that this year.  And then he wrote back in a day or two and told me that I had won a prize!  And that the sponsor would be in touch soon.  What did I win?  Nothing less than a gift certificate for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  For $50.

I may have startled the neighbours with my shriek.

Of course I wrote to both Steven and the sponsor (Hi, Anne!!) to tell them they had indeed made my day/week/month/season.  And then quickly logged on to BMFA to browse.  Didn’t take me long to make my purchases – two luscious skeins of yarn were gleefully placed in my cart.

And the package arrived this week!  Picked it up at the post office and raced home to open the loot.  And found, to my confusion, not two but three skeins.  The two I had ordered, and one more.  At first I thought it may be a mistake, but the extra skein was packaged together with one I did order, so it didn’t just fall into the bag.

bmfa trio

I checked the invoice, and only the two yarns I ordered were there.  Along with a handwritten thanks.  Some shiny lovely Marine Silk Sport – soooooo soft –

bmfa marine silk ciruela

and some equally delicious Socks That Rock Lightweight

bmfa str andromeda

(I have the perfect sock pattern for this!!)

And then there was the skein of Socks That Rock Mediumweight (Mill Ends) as an added bonus!  Hip Hip!

bmfa str mill ends


So.  Although The Issues are still taking their toll, some of them spawning wee mini-issues of their own, and causing not a little exhaustion, and although world events are bringing heartache, there have been quite a few bright spots in life.

I’ve got just one or two more RAKs to send off.  Didn’t get all my Chanukah knitting done, but luckily there are Aquarius birthdays coming soon so gifts are being re-targeted.  With just a little more breathing (/knitting) time.

May it be a joyous holiday season for all.