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A bouquet of parsley

August 1, 2013

The wife of a former colleague of mine once told me a story that when they had been married only a short time, he came home from work and suddenly realized that it was their anniversary and that he had totally forgotten to get her anything.  He ran down to their garden to at least “bring” her flowers, but unfortunately there was nothing in bloom that day.  Not one to be easiiy discouraged, he quickly grabbed what he could, and came back inside to present her with….a bouquet of parsley.  (And then to a dinner date at a fancy restaurant…)

I have been so busy I have neglected my blog, and have missed my fourth blogoversary.


No excuse.  I am now planning a belated-blogoversary giveaway, because four years of sharing must be celebrated!  Details will be posted soon!

I’ve been terribly occupied opening my own business, becoming a self-employed businesswoman at a point when others are beginning to contemplate retirement.  So life is… interesting.  And moving way too rapidly.  Time seems to rush by and disappear without stopping to say hello.  (Time can be like that.)


Luckily there is knitting to keep me sane, and all projects will be duly discussed as that pesky time allows.

Hm.  Four years deserves so much more than parsley.  How about a yarn bouquet from Jimmy Beans Wool???

yarn bouquet

Happy August !!