A few words about me

Lesbian mom, puzzle fanatic, heavy tea-drinker, Ravelry swapaholic, die-hard lefty, active in feminist politics and programs, progressive Judaism, women’s peace groups, worked for 25 years at rape crisis centers and battered women’s shelters, helped develop Israeli curriculum for child abuse prevention. Former dancer (and daughter of a dancer, and mother of a dancer).  Dance is my soul food.  Special ed teacher and counselor for 28 years, then left the classroom for hi tech. I am never without at least one book (murder mystery, usually) and at least one knitting project in my bag wherever I go.

Partner of 28 years doesn’t knit (gasp) and can’t understand how I can spend so much time online with “strangers”.   I tell her it’s my way of socializing without having to clean the living room.

Darling beloved daughter is in her late teens.  Know the Mark Twain quote “When I was 14 I thought my father was the biggest fool in the world…..when I turned 21 I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in 7 years…” ? Well……we’re in the middle of that.  (We’ve moved from the phase of “I hate you, get out of my life, but first could you take me to the mall and buy me some new boots?” to the constant “Why won’t you let me do ___?  I’m practically an adult!”)

Life is interesting, and full of new adventures to be savoured every day. Quote of the day: We don’t stop laughing when we get old, we get old when we stop laughing.


7 Responses to “A few words about me”

  1. leitwaves Says:

    your blog is just fantastic! i’m new to this bloggers world, started mine yesterday and went for a ramble on the fastest growing or fastest something blogs’ list, i.e. the favourite ones. this one is great. wonderful.
    today i wanted to visit again, but it was GONE!!!! noooo. apparently these fastest growing lists change … fast, but i finally found it after a long and winding search. i remembered the blog’s name, but of course, misspelled it – forgot the “tee” – (prefer coffee…), but then i found it through chana and “kidlet” 🙂
    didn’t you have another design – say, colours – yesterday? guess it’ll take some time for me to figure out how all this works.
    i also like your “a few words about me” it is impressive without being overbearing or dramatic (!!!). i haven’t written about myself yet – to me it’s so difficult!
    well, chana, how great you spend so much time with strangers, because when i see your blog i feel like inspired. thanks! Rachel.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Hi, Rachel, thanks so much for your kind words and welcome to the world of blogging! It’s never easy at first, I won’t tell you how many false starts I had….

      One thing that helped me is reading lots and lots of blogs, Things that I’m interested in – you can see just some of them in the list on the right. Use a service like Bloglines so you don’t have to search through all of them for new posts. (You list the blogs you like on the service, and they tell you when there’s a new post on any of them – I wouldn’t be able to manage without it.) I get many ideas from things others blog about, and expand on them or take them in whatever direction I want in my own blog. (I always try to credit – and link to – the person who gave me the idea, it’s only polite.)

      Another thing that helps is joining a community like NaBloPoMo, which challenges you to blog every single day for a month. They also give support, and ideas/prompts for blog posts. When you begin to make it a routine, it does become easier, and you find yourself gaining lots more readers!

      I take a camera with me everywhere, and snap away at things that catch my eye….and many of them end up in my blog. (I’m still trying to figure out how to use some fantastic pictures of pigeons kidlet took the other day…..)

      I jot down all sorts of ideas, or even phrases, and save them as drafts. I can always go back and expand on them or throw them away later. That way you don’t lose all those “brilliant” ideas that drive us crazy later because we just can’t remember what those great ideas we had were…

      Promote your blog! Post a teaser and a link on forums that you think may find your blog interesting, tweet it and put it as your status on facebook, whatever works. Comment on other blogs and put your blog link there along with your name.

      Most important….be true to yourself. Share what you want to share, keep private what you want to stay private. And enjoy yourself, because that’s the whole point!

  2. leitwaves Says:

    Chana, thanks so much for your ideas. I tried to answer sooner, directly from your entry, but the “reply to thread” does nothing at all, and until I discover how it works it was faster to come back here.
    thanks for your ideas. I’ll work on them – first by trying to figure out what all those terms mean (teaser, link on forums, prompts, posts, tweet it, status on facebook and so forth :):):) !)
    the picture-taking and the jotting-down of ideas, oh yes! and I’ll join that community there for the 30 days of blogging – see if I can make it. To be honest, this is one BIG adventure – I swear! I like it! So, Chana, thanks a lot again and have a good rest of the week! Rachel

  3. miriamshoshannah Says:

    hi I was a begginning knitter who wrote to you months ago and you suggested ravelry. all I want to say is thank you very much, I joined a few groups that are terribly fun and the people there are very nice
    so just wanting to say
    todah r’abah

  4. Joan Pickart Says:

    Hi Chana,

    Just found your blog today …. don’t ask me how …if I hadn’t saved it I would never get back here again 🙂 I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed this first post (I started at the beginning cuz I like to know how people get started on this crazy amazing journey …. I also gravitate to “older” people who knit and blog and like to hear their stories!! I will keep peeking in …. Thanks for your words of wisdom!!

    my neophyte blog is http://aknotty-knitter.blogspot.com/

    and I’m on Ravelry as aknotty-knitter

  5. stacey Says:

    I just got to your blog from ravelry and I love what I’ve read so far. Thank you! And I also love what you said about “Socializing without having to clean the living room.” I’m all about that. 🙂 I may “quote” you.

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