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Buzz words: seasonal influenza vaccination

October 31, 2013

Got my flu shot today.  A+B strains.  It hurt this time.  The nurse joked with me that I could get one in each arm, and that way cover next year as well.  Ha ha.  I passed.  (She really is a good nurse, just a weird sense of humour sometimes. )


Seems like the  flu shot is one of the hot topics around.  People for, people against, lots of facts and opinions passing as facts,  Tara Haelle, a science journalist, took a stab (pun intended) at researching and responding to what she terms the 25 major myths about the flu vaccine, and set them forth in Red Wine and Applesauce (Health and Science News for Moms).  She clearly states:

First, an important note: I am a science journalist but not a medical doctor. I’ve compiled research here to debunk common myths about the flu vaccine. You should always consult a reliable, trusted medical professional with questions that pertain specifically to you. For the CDC recommendations on the 2013-2014 flu vaccines (including information on which vaccines pregnant women, the elderly and children under 2 should *not* get), please consult the CDC site directly.

Some of the myths:

Myth #1: The flu vaccine gives you the flu or makes you sick. (No, it doesn’t.)
Myth #2: Flu vaccines contains dangerous ingredients, such as mercury, formaldehyde and antifreeze. (Not exactly, and the ingredients aren’t dangerous.)
Myth #3:  Pregnant women should not get the flu shot. (They should.) / The flu shot can cause miscarriages. (It doesn’t.) / Pregnant should only get the preservative-free flu shot. (Nope.)
Myth #4: Flu vaccines can cause Alzheimer’s disease. (They can’t.)

And so on…

I’m also impressed with how seriously she replies to her comments.  Not everyone will agree with her, but it’s certainly worth reading.

I didn’t always get the flu shot.  And I almost always got whatever flu strain was floating around.  Three years running it turned into pneumonia, at which point my doctor said “Do yourself a favour, get a flu shot next year.”  So I did.  And every year since.  And I haven’t had the flu since.  Other things, sure.  Bad colds, The occasional virus.  But not the flu.  So for me, it works.

So.   After I got the shot, and rested the required number of minutes until my friend the nurse released me, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up some stuff.  Took my number, sat down to wait and knit.  And dropped a stitch almost right away.  With laceweight yarn and teeny needles.   I didn’t have my knitting bag with me, just the project bag, so no tools like a handy crochet hook, but I still managed to pick up the dropped stitch and get it back in place.  Decided that it wasn’t a good idea to continue there, and besides, the line wasn’t too long, so I sighed and put it away.  Back at home, I used a crochet hook to even out the stretched stitch and knitted a round or two.  All’s right with the world.  And my arm isn’t sore, nor red, nor swollen, just a little bump where the needle jabbed me.

Do you get flu shots?  Do you think they make a difference?


WIPs, KALs, and Tests

October 30, 2013

I’m finding this working-at-home gig pretty interesting.  On the plus side:  flexible hours that can fit around other committments, business meetings at nice cafés, “working” clothes that often incude slippers, interesting networking channels and finding contacts, learning lots of new and widely varied things on different projects, being reasonably available when “mom” is needed, more time to pay attention and take care of the house.  Oh, and no boss.   On the minus side:  all responsibility on me, including networking, accounting, reporting, taxes, etc. , making nice to customers (most are very pleasant), chasing after those who take their time paying,  occasional distractions at home.  And my blog has suffered.  Back on the plus side, I’m actually getting my work and my housework done, which hasn’t happened in years.

Granted, the business is still very new, I’m still busting my butt to find customers, and I’m not yet breaking even.  Business is picking up slowly. For now marketing is taking the most time.  Natural.  Full steam ahead, and all that.  I have some excellent advisors, and support when I need it.  I’m trying to discipline myself properly.

Yet another plus is being able to schedule some knitting time.  Whereas before I could knit (or sleep) during my commute to and from work, now I can schedule knitting whenever I have time to take a break.  And before, I had to use the weekend to catch up on all the housework and errands that there was no time for during the work week, but now, I can do all that during the week and use the weekend to REST.  And read.  And knit.


The Curious Collective shawl KAL is over – a wonderful textured shawl that was the result of over 2000 knitters voting.  For my Collectively Curious I mixed Indigodragonfly Merino Silk in the colourway Not your regular heart medication with Indigodragonfly Merino in the colourway Ruxpinosferatu:

Collective FO 1


I also did a test knit for Laurie Beardsley of LaurieBea Knitting – a long crescent shawl/scarf called Still Got the Blues.  It will be part of a series based on classic rock.  One of the best parts of the pattern?  Links to videos of the song – I loved Eric Clapton’s acoustic version, and listened to it the entire time I was knitting.

I used Indigodragonfly Twisty Tweed Sock in the colourway Grrr…..Argh.

Blues FO


Indigodragonfly held a summer KAL/CAL, the “Accessoregatta” – any and all accessories knitted with Indigodragonfly yarn or patterns written by Kim.  Both of the above projects counted in the KAL, and I started the Mayflower socks as well.  Didn’t finish them by the deadline, but they’re a fun knit and I’m almost through with the first sock.  This is before the cables go wacko:

mayflower left foot

Knitted up a Smart-Ass club pattern, for the Selfish Knitters and Crocheters group’s Palate Cleansing COWL K/ CAL – the Lonicera Cowl by the Sexy Knitter – with Indigodragonfly Filament o’ Squid in the colourway Squalor Amongst the Ankles.

Lonicera FO 1

Wonderfully soft and drapey!!

Lonicera FO 2

I also finally finished the scarves for the grand-nephews!  Had to force myself – the acrylic yarn actually squeaked while being knitted, and it was not very nice to work with.  But it was so worth it.

Go Maccabi FO 2

Added the boys’ names with duplicate stitch, so they wouldn’t get them mixed up (or taken by some jealous fan).

Go Maccabi names

Yes, it seems like all I’ve been doing is knitting, but hey, I haven’t posted in a long time.  And there’s more.  But that’s for another day, another post.

Now… back to work.  ‘Tis time for some more networking…