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Of socks, fish, and Draco

June 4, 2015

I finished the Saved By a Fish’s Kiss socks.  Knit till I felt I was done, did an inch or so of ribbing, then used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  It is extremely stretchy, but still a wee bit tight – methinks this has more to do with swollen calves than a problem with the socks.  I only used about 2/3 of the yarn, so there’s enough to do something with what’s left, I will have to consider options.  I’m very happy with my new socks!

saved FO

Rudely ignoring the other WIPs waiting for attention, I gave in to my enthusiasm for this sock construction – especially the Fish Lips Kiss Heel –  and immediately cast on for another pair.  No pattern this time, just plain vanilla socks, to show off the yarn.

A few years ago Opal sock yarns came out with a line of self-patterning Harry Potter character colourways.  I managed to grab a skein before the company stopped making them, and it had been patiently waiting all this time.  For some reason, after time had passed I was certain I had bought the Hedwig colourway.  I decided to knit some Hedwig socks!  Imagine my surprise when I dug through my stash to discover that I had actually purchased a skein of the Draco colourway.  Hm.  Beautiful colours, to be sure, but why was I so convinced I had Hedwig in my stash?  Very curious, to quote Mr. Ollivander.

Anyway, I decided to knit a contrasting toe/heel/cuff.  There is a tiny bit of beige mixed in with the blues, grays and white of the yarn, and I want to highlight that, so I chose a soft brown for the contrast yarn.  Used Judy’s magic cast on for a wedge toe.

Accio toe

Since the Opal yarn is self-patterning, I took the extra time to divide it into two balls, then found the same (approximate) spot in each to begin the pattern.


I generally like the randomness of socks not having the exact same pattern sequence, but this time I choose to be different!

I like how they’re looking so far.  I’m feeling the need to knit a lot of socks contrasting patterned and solid yarns.   If there’s enough Draco left over it may become the toe/heel/cuff of a pair of solid socks!  Maybe blue or off-white…  I have quite a few self-patterning or self-striping sock yarns, it will be interesting to see how many pairs I manage to knit before this kick dies down.  What do you think?

There may even be a pair for the kid in the works next…



Back on Track

May 8, 2015

So.  It took me a week to tink back the Saved by a Fish’s Kiss socks.  After a couple of days of being bummed and not so eager to pick them up.  However….little by little I persevered.  Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1500 stitches tinked.  And now I’m finally moving forward once again, sans vampire-bite holes and with the correct stitch count.

With the tinking came an extra little challenge:  What to do with all the yarn coming undone.  I couldn’t just rewind it, since these socks are being knit from the two ends of one skein.  So no way to really rewind.  I tried to keep the unraveled yarn neat, but in the end there were some….rather intricate tangles.  I used a pair of improvised butterfly bobbins, and managed to get it all sorted out with very little profanity used.  Well….maybe a bit more than very little, but not much, honest.

toe up taat back on track

They’re not terribly convenient to use either, but better than nothing.

I think I’m going to enter these socks into the Yarn and Falafel Fiber Fest WIP competition being held at the end of the month.  Basic vanilla socks, to be sure, but they represent a few new techniques learned, and I will be proud and relieved to finally get these finished after several years in the WIP basket.  All WIPs that are completed by the gathering are eligible for the competition, I will hopefully get a couple more things done and tag them to enter too.

I will again be teaching a double-knitting workshop at the Fest, and again use my Hot Cuppa Coasters pattern to teach.  The pattern has had great success, with two separate KALs done on Ravelry in different groups learning double-knitting, and in at least three off-Ravelry classes in double-knitting around the world.  Three that I know of – those in which the instructors wrote and asked my permission to use the pattern.  I have heard of one class taught in which the pattern was used without anyone contacting me.  Which, since it’s free, is cool, although I much prefer to be asked.  So far, in ten months the pattern has been downloaded by over 1000 people, there are 51 projects up on Ravelry, and it’s in another 94 queues.  Which makes me ridiculously happy.

More about the Y&FFF later!

I intend to get some housekeeping done around the blog soon, the pattern and book pages are woefully behind the times, and there are plans floating around my head to revamp some things as well.  We shall see.

Interesting clouds outside my window…

Shabbat Shalom!


Let’s erase today and start over

May 3, 2015

Well.  The week hasn’t started out as well as it could have.

I got a call from the clinic.  The VNG machine has broken down, so my tests scheduled for two days away have been postponed.  They have no estimate on when repairs will happen, so we can’t even set a new time, they’ll call when the machine is up and running again.  When I expressed my dismay, the receptionist promised to talk to the professor and see if we can get permission to do the tests at the hospital instead.  She’ll call me back when she has more information.  Luckily, the past week has been pretty much OK, but the week before that the vertigo was really making itself a nuisance.

The socks have been sailing along.  Finished both heels and started up the cuffs.

toe up taat flkh finished

The fit is amazing, and the socks are very comfy.

toe up taat starting cuff

(Partner made the comment that these are much too pretty to wear on the feet, they should be hung on the wall as art!  I refrained from making a rude retort and kept on knitting…)

Knitting well up the cuff I again tried one on…and disaster.  Somehow on one cuff I managed to make not one but two accidental yarnovers – just a couple of stitches apart, and it looked like a vampire had made two little holes above my ankle.  I was already inches past that point, and I hadn’t noticed the change in stitch count.

I tried dropping one of the stitches down to the yarnover hole, hoping that I could ease the slack from the resulting ladder into the stitches alongside it.  No such luck with this fabric.  Plus the other yarnover is only two or three stitches to the side, and dropping that stitch as well would make the ladder impossible to smooth out.

toe up taat cuff disaster

So….nothing to do but tink.  In the picture above I’d tinked a few rows already.  From both socks.  Since they’re two at a time.  I’m considering somehow just tinking the one sock, but that would require careful counting, and concentration is not at a high right now.   But still – better one than two, much less discouraging and less chance of error as well.

The momentum has definitely been disrupted.  Dagnabbit,  Fie.  Piffle.

Yes, I could have just ignored it and carried on, but those two holes would have driven me batty.  Battier.  Hmph.

Let’s see the week getting better, please.


Skewed in motion

April 2, 2013

The Socks That Rock yarn I got from BMFA in December has been knit into a pair of socks – I had been wanting to knit the Skew sock pattern by Lana Holden for ages, and this was the perfect yarn.  Brilliant pattern, one that you wonder where on earth you’re going but just keep on knitting until somehow it all becomes clear.  From the pattern notes:

“The designer has two math degrees and is a contributing author of the book Making Mathematics with Needlework, but dropped out of grad school twice because she prefers to do research with yarn.   She is a technique junkie, a process knitter, and occasionally a machine for turning coffee into socks.”

My completed pair of Skewed:


Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the heels, which have a swirly pattern thingy going on…I simply don’t bend that way.

I love love love this pattern, although they’re a little tight in the gusset for my high arches, so they’re a wee bit of a struggle to put on.  And since the pattern is pretty unique, I didn’t try any modifications.  But once on, everything is fine.

Wore them earlier tonight, and couldn’t bear to hide them from view, so I stuffed my trousers into them…

skewed on3

Yeah, so it makes a little bulge… so?  It looked better once I got the shoes on…

skewed on1

When we went out for a bite to eat, both partner and kidlet thought I was  certifiably nuts, but I figure I worked hard on them, I  can wear them any way I damn well please.

I’m working on a lace and cable scarf with the other yarn I ordered from BMFA – the Marine Silk.  Trying to draw it out since the yarn is just so luscious to work with.

Sea dreams 1

This is just the beginning, I’m much further along but haven’t taken any new pictures.  This will be fabulous after it’s blocked.

The other project currently on the needles is the Come Together necklace by Laura Nelkin ( I love her designs) with silk yarn and beads from Indigodragonfly – the December package of the Smart-Ass Knitters club.


There are three beaded I-cord strands in all – of course I didn’t bother to watch her video of how to knit the beads in at first, so mine were pretty haphazard.  It got a lot easier when I actually got around to watching the instructions.  (sigh)

A few other projects have been finished along the way…including a quickie headband for kidlet.  Long story short, she decided to trim her own bangs.  Big mistake.  It was, to put it lightly, not a success. Took her to the hairdresser’s to see if they could rescue the situation. They did something meant to be cool and stylish, but kid thought it was still awful. She urgently asked for a headband…and this was the design she liked – Julia’s Cabled Headband by Paulina Chin.  I call it the “Don’t Play with Scissors”  headband.

don't play with scissors 2

Did a provisional cast-on and then a 3-needle bind-off to make a neat seam – would have tried grafting the ribbing but kidlet needed it asap and I didn’t have the time to research the grafting technique for ribbing. Oh well.

At least the bangs have grown out now…

I suppose it could have been a lot worse.

November Red. It’s Mao!

November 18, 2012

Finished up the Aim True socks, wore them today and they feel great.

I had a lot of yarn left over, I should have knitted longer cuffs!  I keep forgetting I have small feet, so I don’t usually need to worry about not having enough yarn for two socks when knitting cuff down.   Hm.

Now I can focus on this year’s red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.  It should be mailed off in about two weeks to arrive in time.  (Why do I always wait until the last minute?  Never fails.)

Former years:

This year I found a pattern and queued it early.  Mao’s Little Red Scarf, designed by Shana Kreikemeier.  It’s presented as a man’s scarf, yet in all the project pictures I’ve seen it’s being worn by women, so I guess I can reasonably put it in the unisex category!  I dug through my stash, and found the same yarn I’ve used before, Mondial Merino Plus.

It’s a really simple and easy to memorize pattern, and has a great look and texture.  I started out following the pattern, cast on 35 stitches and knitted away, then after I had enough rows measured the width.  The Project accepts scarves between 5-8 inches in width.  And this one was… 9 inches wide.

Oops.  I really should swatch.  So off the needles it came, to the sound of kidlet wailing “Noooooo!”, and I cast on again minus one pattern repeat.  This time it’s 7 inches.

Looks interesting, and the yarn is thick and soft.  It should be a quick knit, and then I can turn to some knitted gifts for the holidays next month.  The cat-beast has been insisting on curling up in my lap whenever I sit down to knit lately, I will as usual have to wash the scarf thoroughly before sending it, in case it’s given to someone with allergies.  Kitteh would undoubtedly make a slight change in the name of the scarf:

(Cats for world domination?)

On a totally different note.  Yes, my country is at war.  So far, here in the north we are safe, but many of my friends are under fire in their own homes, or have dear ones being called up to serve.  We are glued to the news, and spend hours debating and discussing all the aspects of developments, in gatherings and through a myriad of social media.  While I may well bring up many points here in future posts, for today I needed my blog to be a short escape.

Say a prayer for peace.

NaBloPoMo No Go

November 2, 2012

It’s November.  I didn’t sign up for NaBloPoMo this year, after doing it for the past couple of years.    Just can’t commit to anything right now.  I’ll still try – kind of – to post almost every day!

Had a glitch with the second Aim True sock.  I managed to drop a stitch that promptly unraveled right down through the middle of the cables.  I succeeded in picking it up, but my repair attempt basically looked like crap, and was more an insult to the pattern than a “feature”.  So I decided to frog it and start over.  I’m now past the point where I frogged, and things are swimming along nicely once again.

Took a brief break from the sock to knit a gift.  I met a new couple at the parent workshop at kidlet’s school.  Their boy has just started at the school this year, doesn’t have many friends, and the parents and I hit it off.  (I’m also helping them a little with translating – they’re still new immigrants here.)  Anyway, on Wednesday night they invited us over for Saturday night dinner.  So Thursday morning I went stash diving and dug out some of the cotton blend  Patons Washed Haze to knit a kitchen towel.  I had no idea of the colour scheme in their house, so I was grateful to find a neutral colour for the towel.  It knit up very quickly – I used the towel pattern by Dishcloth Boutique.

I added one pattern repeat to make it a wee bit longer.  The button, from Tracey Schuh of Interlacements Yarns, is from a Phat Fiber box I managed to snag at some point.

Partner still thinks bringing a knitted housegift is strange, but our new friends loved it, and the wife told me her sister is a dedicated knitter and she would love to learn!   We will definitely have to find some time for that, although with my issues and her work and her four kids, I don’t know exactly when.  Where there’s a will…

Another quick breather from the socks – I cast on today for the Pearl Tower Cowl designed by Mildred Alvarez.  This is her second design inspired by Shanghai – she is planning on publishing an e-book of at least 6 Shanghai designs by the end of 2012.  The pattern is free until the e-book comes out (it will cost $4), but if you knit up this cowl and post the FO in the Cowls group thread on Ravelry by the end of the year, she’ll give you the e-book for free. There is also a picture tutorial on her site for the loop stitch she uses in the cowl.  A note about this designer, she describes herself as a 13-year-old girl who loves to knit, read, and listen to podcasts.  If her first two patterns are any indication, methinks we will see great things from this one!

It looks like an intriguing, quick-to-knit pattern, I decided to use one of the hanks of Tibetan yarn I bought at a tiny crafts shop.  No tags on the yarn, they could only tell me it was 100% wool – no other details, not even yardage.  It’s somewhere between sportweight and DK, very springy twist, and so far very nice to knit with.  The pattern calls for fingerweight, but this looks like it will work just as well.

(The colour is actually much more aqua/greenish, which I have not been able to capture with my camera.  My apologies…)

So today I’m alternating between the cowl and the socks.  With a few other WIPs scattered around on tables so that there is something to knit wherever I sit down.  When I sit down.

Knit On.

Lowest point

October 25, 2012

In the midst of all the issues, we decided we really needed to get away, for a few days at least.  So during Sukkot we headed for the Dead Sea.  The lowest point on Earth.  423 meters/1388 feet below sea level.  Just to relax, pamper ourselves a little.

We drove the main toll highway south – huge bunches of sea squills blooming all along the way – then veered off into the desert.

Camel sightings:  three.  (Didn’t see any on the way home, though…)

We reached the resort area of Ein Bokek, and found we had a great room at the hotel, with a big balcony overlooking the private beach.

We could also see half of the outdoor pool…

We went out for dinner our first night.  Thunder & lightning, wild gusts of wind and spatterings of rain, in 98F degree heat. We had a wonderful meal sitting outside, although we had to hold things down to keep them from flying away. The ice cream melted in the heat before we could spoon it up even as raindrops kept our heads cooled off.  Bizarre, but fun.

I spent almost every evening sitting on the balcony, mesmerized by the light show of lightning flashing across the desert sky, over Jordan.

We took advantage of the spa, too.  Within reason.  Swedish massage.  Shiatsu.  Reflexology.  Kidlet had a facial.  But most of the time we utilized the open facilities.  I wanted to see if swimming is an exercise that won’t cause me a lot of hip pain, and the hotel pool seemed ideal to check it out.  Shaped in a loop, with an island in the middle, it alternated between shallow and deep water,  so I could swim some and walk some around the loop.

I managed a couple of  “laps” once or twice a day, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by kidlet.

She actually preferred the hot tubs most of the time.  The indoor sulfur pool was less to her liking,  although the floating was fun.

But it was the Dead Sea itself that drew us the most.  The pure, hard salt underneath our feet wasn’t the most pleasant sensation

But our buoyancy in the warm water was relaxing and fun (until I tried to put my feet back down – I have to admit it wasn’t the most graceful display)…

The lifeguards do their rounds on boards, making sure folks are OK, that they haven’t been in too long, etc.

Where is partner, you ask?  Well.  She’s not really a water person, although she did go into the sea once.  This far.

That was quite enough for her.  She contented herself more with taking pictures and fussing over us being in the water all the time.

Of course, the Dead Sea requires a whole ritual, to take advantage of the healing minerals found in the land.  People come from all over the world to treat skin problems.  I chose 6am, before breakfast, and before the heat made it unbearable.  Step one, cover yourself with Dead Sea mud:

Cover everything you can, don’t forget between your toes.

Next, stand still for a bit until the mud dries on your skin.  Once it’s dry, and you feel like you’re encased in a giant body cast, head on into the sea to rinse it off, sending it back where it came from…

It makes the skin feel incredibly silky, almost as if one is covered in a rich oil.  And the feeling of softness lingers.   I brought some packages of mud home, but haven’t used it yet…

We didn’t spend all our time in the water, of course.  We did some strolling around the area, as much as I could stroll, anyway.  Eating out.   Some shopping for souvenirs.  And there was plenty of just kick back and relax time.  In other words,  KNITTING.   I took several WIPs along, but then decided to cast on for a new project, the Aim True socks.  The yarn has been waiting, the pattern has been first in the queue long enough, and it was time.

There were comfy couches in the spa, in the giant hotel lobby, in the bar…and I found many opportunities to try them out.  And got to chat with a bunch of interesting people from all over the globe.

The bar held a new surprise.  I discovered the vanilla mudslide.  I understand there are some variations in how it’s made, but this bar made it with rum, baileys irish cream, kahlua, and vanilla ice cream.  Seriously decadent.  Cocktails, knitting, and a wee lamb that kidlet found for me, what’s better than this?

Finished most of the first sock while there, but didn’t take pictures until I got home.

First sock is done now, working on the leg of the second sock.   But knitting time is scarce, so it’s slower going.  Looking forward to wearing these!

The time off down south was wonderful, and desperately needed.  No worries, no schedule, no demands.

I’m ready to go back.  Anyone else coming?

Didja miss me?

July 5, 2012

Another lost month.  And then some.  I can’t tell you how much I miss my blogging!

Kidlet is again in hospital – the third time in the past year.  More tests, more med changes, more observation, more treatment.  It started this time when the kibbutz sent her home because of her condition… after a few days at home, because the youth ward was full at the hospital (no room?!), we reached a crisis and ended up at the ER.  Lots of waiting around, got a lot of knitting done (mostly the Reunion Madness cowl).  Interviewed by one doctor, then another, then a consult with a third, and they decided to admit her.  But the only place they had a free bed was in the small children/babies ward.  Where the rules state that a parent must stay with the child.  So they put me on a cot next to her bed, I texted my boss that I wouldn’t make it in the next day, and we settled in.  Or tried to.  I was wedged in between kidlet and a small child in the next bed who shrieked with pain.  All night.  His father on a cot on the other side of him managed to snore away, but kidlet and I spent most of the time just looking at each other as the screams went on.   Around 1:30 in the morning they wheeled in an infant in a crib and settled her across the room.  And then her mother spent an hour on her cell phone telling people all about it.  Loudly.  I mentioned to the woman that there happened to be other people in the room, trying to sleep, and she got all huffy.  And continued to talk.  When the poor little one next to me finally exhausted himself with screaming, he fell quiet for half an hour.   So of course the baby started to cry.

Not really one of the most enjoyable nights of my life.

The next day, as we waited for doctors to talk to and tests to be done, time passed slowly.  Some soldiers from the nearby base came to visit and amuse the little kids.  Kidlet hid under her covers, embarrassed – most of the soldiers were only about 6 months to a year older than her, after all.  Partner, who had been with us in the evening until we were settled in, came back early in the morning.  At least she got some sleep.  She brought me food.   Interesting that they require a parent to stay with each child – but only provide meals for the children.

Anyway, by afternoon a place had opened up in the youth ward of another hospital, so we played the bureaucracy game and got her transferred and settled in.

That was a month ago.  Life is a cycle of work, hospital, and sleep.  Very little of the last item.   I try and sleep on my commute, so not much knitting.  I did manage to make it to a Stitch-n-Bitch meeting one night after leaving the hospital, which was like a good shot of energy.  But for now no changes.

I am continuing with my pincushion sessions, and also with the Tui na – on those days partner goes to the hospital alone.  It seems to be helping – went to a wedding one afternoon and actually got up and danced – for the first time in two years!  Then a few days later I got overly optimistic and worked hard in the flat…and the pain is back.   My acupuncturist scolded me and told me work is bad for me.  I told him I wanted that in writing.  (Partner wanted him to stick needles in my butt with the American flag on them for the 4th of July – I wasn’t amused.)

Kidlet wants to come home, we’re hoping the doctor will agree that she can soon.

Let’s see…so let’s close the post with something positive.  Back in May, I was one of five winners of a JL Yarnworks   sock pattern giveaway!    Jackie’s fantastic new sock pattern is called Aim True – inspired by the Hunger Games, featuring an arrow pattern:

photo by JL Yarnworks

Can’t wait to knit these up – I’m thinking of using the Shinyyy SWN sock yarn I bought from my pal Bat (CrazyVet on Rav) at the Yarn and Falafel national gathering, in gorgeous sapphire:

They’ll probably have to wait until after the Ravellenic Games, though, as I am frantically trying to do some WIP busting before the cast-on late this month and then will be going crazy juggling two largish projects for the Games.

Hopefully things at home will be calmer then.

Feels so good to be back writing!!

The Lost Weeks

October 15, 2011

September was totally lost.  And October has threatened to be as well, but I am determined not to allow that.  While I may never catch up and fill in what all has happened in the past month and a half, I will definitely carry on!

Between work and moving,  September was pretty exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  Wonderful friends helped out with emptying boxes – a very slow job, limited to a few evenings  – and things have finally begun to take shape.   At least I now know what is in the majority of the boxes, and they’re mostly in the correct rooms.

The main problem?  I am a hoarder.  I may laugh and pass it off as being just an ordinary pack-rat personality, but it is a real issue,  and therefore moving is a nightmare.  Thank the goddess I have friends who care enough to be mean when they know it’s necessary.  When faced with an entire box of similar items, they tell me I may choose five, and the rest go.  While they understand me and love me,  they have been ruthless, and I thank them for it and love them back more than they can know.   (And I am also very glad they themselves are knitters, and wouldn’t dream of touching my stash…..whew.)

Many of the things have simply been tossed, and many have been given away.  A lot has gone to the local shelter for battered women and children.  And I still have a house that seems very full!  One plus is that things have come to light that I had either forgotten I had or were buried deep away somewhere – including a whole bunch of my knitting from 20-30 years ago.  (Some of those items have by now come back into fashion, and I’m wearing them again!  Ha.)

Health-wise, the results of all the tests are in, and it seems the hip damage wasn’t as great as feared.   The doc did see something on the MRI, and we’re now waiting for a consultation on that.  He told me to get off the crutches!  Yay!  But that’s a yay with a clarification.  Now the pain is back.  So when it gets bad I still use the crutches.  Or at least one.  I really don’t want to go back on pain killers.  😦   New tests are in the cards.

Kidlet’s health is also being dealt with.  After Rosh HaShana, she went into the hospital for test to balance out her meds, which were causing her major hassles.  Any time for emptying boxes went right out the window, since I’ve spent every evening after work visiting her, getting home so late that I just fall into bed until I have to drag myself out to get back to work in the morning.

So…there’s been almost no time for knitting or reading or visiting or pretty much anything else.  Like shopping for a new washing machine, since my old faithful clunker didn’t survive the move.

I did finish the Ironic Hipster hat.  Just before the deadline for the KAL. The yarn is just unbelievably soft.

And I finished the Rocking Monkey socks.  Not before the KAL deadline, but never mind.  They’re done!! And they’re great.

I also managed one new project.  At the family Rosh HaShana dinner, nephew asked for a hat with ear flaps, as he’s traveling to Hungary in another month and it will be much colder than we’re used to here.  I whipped that project up quickly, using the Thorpe pattern by Kirsten Kapur, published in Through the Loops.  I modified it a wee bit, since I used thinner yarn than is called for, and I left off the crocheted border and braid ties.  Nephew liked it a lot, and said he’s thinking of his next hat….

This weekend Kidlet is home for the holiday, although she has to go back to the hospital tonight.  She had a friend sleep over last night, and as a treat – since she’s been two weeks in hospital – I splurged on the new fad of crackle nail polish, and we all tried it out.   (Partner opted out…)    I like.

Now Kidlet and her friend have just experimented in the kitchen.  They decided to make chocolate pancakes – with no help from Mom.  They downloaded a recipe from the internet, I showed them where everything was in the kitchen, and then – without showing my trepidation – I left them to it.

Not bad for a first attempt!  She may have more kitchen duty in the future….

We are planning a drive up the coast to see the beginnings of autumn before taking Kidlet back.  And then I’m on holiday for a week!   Things can actually get done!

Hope springs eternal….

Blogoversary!!!! And Winners!

July 23, 2011

Wouldn’t you know it, just when it’s time to choose my blogoversary winners, my computer starts to act up and keeps turning off in the middle of everything.  Luckily, partner’s computer is working!

I haven’t blogged much in the past couple of weeks, I do apologise.  Life has decided to give me a bit of a slap in the face, and I’ve been dealing.  Haven’t even been knitting much. 

The major cause of stress:  landlords have informed me that they will not be renewing my rental contract, they’ve decided to sell the flat.  Which means that I have about three weeks to move out.  Plus side:  living with crutches on the third floor without an elevator has been killing me.  Minus side:  I have no place to move to, and rent prices have gone through the roof in the past year, which means I’ll have to budget a lot more for living expenses, with no raise in my paycheck.  Plus side:  I’ll get away from stingy landlords who hate to pay for repairs, either doing it themselves or counting on family members to do it for free in their spare time, which can mean a long wait.  And both the electricity and the water heater have chronic issues.  Minus side:  Choices for a new place are extrememly limited, since right now I can only take a ground floor flat or one with an elevator.  Plus side:  I can get a place with A/C, something my current landlords refused to furnish.  Minus side:  I can’t pack anything myself, which means I’ll have to hire the moving company to also do the packing for me.   Which is expensive.  And after ten years in this place, the packrat who is me has accumulated a whole lotta junk.  A friend has been helping me clear out some of it, but time is soooo short. 

So I’ve been making a lot of calls, looking at flats after work, and wracking my brain how I’m going to do all of this, let alone pay for it. 

Doesn’t leave much time for knitting, does it?  I have managed to finish one of the Monkey socks!  Haven’t blocked it yet, though.


As for the Strickens, I have reached a decision. They are going nowhere. It has just been a bad match of pattern and yarn. While I love both, they do not go well together. The yarn with very little twist, the splitty-ness, make working cables way too much frustrating work. And the odd striping both hides the pattern and makes it impossible to read the knitting.

I should have listened to my doubts at the beginning. When there was still time to cast on with another yarn for the KAL. I’m at the point where I am just not. enjoying. this project. When I sit down to knit, I reach for anything else. And life is way too short to knit something that I’m not having fun with.

So sadly, this sock is visiting the frog pond. I will use the yarn for another pattern, and I will definitely knit me a pair of Strickens at some point, hopefully soon. The pattern is awesome.

But time to move on to something much more cheerful!    This blog post is also a celebration!   A celebration of two years of my ramblings.  So with no further ado…

D r u m r o l l ,   p l e a s e ! !

(And with thanks to Random.Org,)

A copy of Knitting Rules! will be going to Debbie C.!!

A copy of It Itches!  will be going to Melissa Z.!!

Congratulations!!  I will email you for your mailing addresses this weekend.  Enjoy!!!!  We all need to laugh.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading, for commenting, for joining me on this journey that wanders here and there.   I love sharing my thoughts with you, and love to hear your responses. 

And we move into the third year….