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Prize from a livid bitch

November 27, 2010

Most people who read knitting blogs know Steven, he of the knitted neon hotpants, fantastic projects, and his blog Bitches Get Stitches.  (Link over on the blogroll….)   Last week he posted:

i am currently reading what can only be described as the most offensive “men’s” knitting book ever written.

it is page after page of stereotypes that only serve to fulfill themselves!

He was livid, and before revealing the name of the book offered a skein of yarn to anyone who could guess what it was.

He did get quite a few comments, including my suggestion that it was “Knits Men Want – the 10 rules every woman should know before knitting for a man” by Bruce Weinstein.  We had already torn this book to pieces in the “This is What a Feminist Knits Like” forum, and I didn’t know of any other book that would elicit such a response from Steven.  It is truly offensive, condescending to both men and women.  There were other guesses as well, but many of us commenting went with this book.

Well, turns out I was right, and Steven emailed me Thursday to tell me he would be sending some yarn from his stash this week.  And since the fellow has quality stuff, this is exciting news!

His full review of the book – including his  “10 most offensive excerpts” is definitely worth reading, right here.

Just one example:

2. “Men and women behave differently; we all know this to be true. In general, women cry and men don’t. Women share their feelings and men don’t. And women try on clothes and men don’t.”

sneaky bruce! using “we” as a rhetorical tool in an attempt to put the reader on your side by including them grammatically in your argument. unfortunately all i did was scream, “HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL ALLOWED TO WRITE THINGS LIKE THIS?!”

The book also claims to have “the only ten patterns she’ll ever need”… so that’s it, women, we are commanded by the self-proclaimed expert on men (and women) to knit the same ten patterns over and over to please our men.  And this will fulfill us.