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Rainbows in the breeze

July 3, 2015

Well, it has been an eventful week.  Things crowding on the heels of what went before!

Last Friday was the Pride march in Haifa.  Not nearly as grand as the big march in Tel Aviv earlier in the month, which is on an international scale with well over 100K participants, but nothing to sneeze at either.

The Hebrew text says:

We march to fight for the right to live the lives we want! To love whom we want!  To dress as we wish to!  We march for equality and against discrimination.  We march in solidarity and for the struggles we face around us.  Because a society that respects and values us – gays, lesbians, bi and trans – is a society that is better for everyone.

As an aside, I was glad to note that the American ambassador and his family marched in Tel Aviv with the staff of the Embassy (which flew a giant rainbow flag in support).

Haifa had many local leaders and representatives – including all the liberal political parties and many local businesses – accompanying the 5-10K folks who marched and celebrated.

I missed the gathering at the first meeting point, with the initial speeches, because I can’t really march.  (So sadly I have no pictures of the actual march.)  I went directly to the final destination (carrying my rainbow flag, of course), where there were more speeches and lots of entertainment.

My friend Marina marched with the Progressive Judaism contingent.

(stolen from Marina's facebook wall...sorry M)

(stolen from Marina’s facebook wall…sorry M)

Lots of lovely speakers and MCs




Some folks with very special outfits for the occasion


Love those eyelashes…but that ballgown seemed a wee bit…warm for the Haifa heat?

The singer and personality Margalit Tzan’ani (Margol) joined us with music that had everyone singing and dancing and cheering

Booths with drinks, with bubbles, with rainbow products.


High energy, smiles and laughter, I didn’t see any negativity there at all.  Well done, Haifa!


My only real regret?  It wasn’t until a little later in the afternoon, after everyone had dispersed and gone home, that the SCOTUS ruling was announced.  It would have been nice to have heard it from the stage when we were all together and could celebrate even more for our US friends!  But that’s a subject for the next post…


Friday Foto

October 27, 2012

Driving over the hill in the rain on the way to kidlet’s doctor appointment…

(The picture just barely caught the faint second one…)

Great start to the morning.

Miracles and Mysteries

February 7, 2011

What a lovely way to start the day.

I actually went to work too early to see it, but partner snapped this on her way to work later and sent it to me.   Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could take 360° photographs, and get this view from the west and the sunrise from the east all in the same photo?    Two miracles for the price of one.    Since we can’t, this one will certainly do.

I have a mystery on my hands.  Back in early December, I sent a RAK gift to Lynn in Canada – some handmade Hamsa stitchmarkers.  She loved them, we started corresponding a bit, she sent me a gorgeous pattern, and said that she was sending me some stitchmarkers that she made, her first attempt!  I waited with excitement…and nothing arrived.  After a suitable amount of time had passed, I asked at the post office if a little envelope had arrived for me from Canada.  Nothing.  After a month I asked again.  Nope.    I figured that they were making a slow journey, and may or may not eventually arrive.  It happens.

Last week I was taking mail out of my mailbox and noticed something kind of stuffed down in the bottom that hadn’t been there the day before.  At first I thought it was an ad, or a periodic notice from the housing committee.  I fished it out.  And there was a note from Lynn, with a Sudoku puzzle on the back and the stitchmarkers pinned inside the note!   No envelope, no address written anywhere, not even last names, just the note to Chana from Lynn.    Huh???   I searched the ground all around the mailbox.  Peeked in the trash can nearby.  No envelope.  Who would take an envelope and stuff the contents back into the mailbox???  And how would they get to it in a locked mailbox anyway?  And how could it get to me without an envelope???   I wrote to Lynn right away and thanked her for the gift, and told her about the mystery.  She was also totally puzzled.

The next day I went to the post office and told them about it, asking if they knew anything.  They were just as mystified as I was!  They said regular mail doesn’t come through the branch, the mail carriers pick it up from the central post office, so if it was just a small unregistered envelope and not a package they wouldn’t have handled it.   They told me the only person to solve the mystery would be my mail carrier, I would have to ask him.

And therein lies the problem…the mail is delivered when I’m at work.  I usually don’t see the fellow at all, only on the occasional Friday when I happen to be home – and outside – when he delivers the mail.  And Fridays are the only time that I have to run a whole bunch of errands that I can’t do after work, so I really don’t want to waste a day sitting and waiting.  Couldn’t this past Friday.  By the time I catch him, he may not remember what on earth I’m talking about.

So this mystery may well remain unsolved.    How very unsatisfactory!

At least I now have a very challenging multi-level  Sudoku to play with, and these great stitchmarkers!

Aren’t they cute?

(Thanks again, Lynn!)

To top it off,  partner just sent me another photo – what a magical day!

And SnB is still to come…