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Rainbows in the breeze

July 3, 2015

Well, it has been an eventful week.  Things crowding on the heels of what went before!

Last Friday was the Pride march in Haifa.  Not nearly as grand as the big march in Tel Aviv earlier in the month, which is on an international scale with well over 100K participants, but nothing to sneeze at either.

The Hebrew text says:

We march to fight for the right to live the lives we want! To love whom we want!  To dress as we wish to!  We march for equality and against discrimination.  We march in solidarity and for the struggles we face around us.  Because a society that respects and values us – gays, lesbians, bi and trans – is a society that is better for everyone.

As an aside, I was glad to note that the American ambassador and his family marched in Tel Aviv with the staff of the Embassy (which flew a giant rainbow flag in support).

Haifa had many local leaders and representatives – including all the liberal political parties and many local businesses – accompanying the 5-10K folks who marched and celebrated.

I missed the gathering at the first meeting point, with the initial speeches, because I can’t really march.  (So sadly I have no pictures of the actual march.)  I went directly to the final destination (carrying my rainbow flag, of course), where there were more speeches and lots of entertainment.

My friend Marina marched with the Progressive Judaism contingent.

(stolen from Marina's facebook wall...sorry M)

(stolen from Marina’s facebook wall…sorry M)

Lots of lovely speakers and MCs




Some folks with very special outfits for the occasion


Love those eyelashes…but that ballgown seemed a wee bit…warm for the Haifa heat?

The singer and personality Margalit Tzan’ani (Margol) joined us with music that had everyone singing and dancing and cheering

Booths with drinks, with bubbles, with rainbow products.


High energy, smiles and laughter, I didn’t see any negativity there at all.  Well done, Haifa!


My only real regret?  It wasn’t until a little later in the afternoon, after everyone had dispersed and gone home, that the SCOTUS ruling was announced.  It would have been nice to have heard it from the stage when we were all together and could celebrate even more for our US friends!  But that’s a subject for the next post…


Pride and Doom

June 26, 2011

The Doom first.  Indigodragonfly’s Summer Knitalong of Doom has begun!  It officially began at the stroke of midnight to open June 23rd.  Midnight wherever you are, which meant that for once I had an advantage.  Which I used to mercilessly tease everyone else in the group who was hanging out on the forum threads.   I dubbed this picture “Waiting for Algonquin”, as I got ready to cast on –

I’m now past the first border and into the body of the scarf.  This yarn is so lovely to work with, the cashmere makes it so soft.

Another package is finally on its way, so I will have another project to follow the Algonquin in the knitalong.  And I’m pondering a couple of wee projects with the leftover Minion sock yarn.

Still working on the first Stricken sock for the Cookie A KAL.  I think I picked a doozy of a pattern to start out with.  But I’m determined to finish it!  It has helped me enormously in reading cable charts, that’s for sure!

And on to Pride.  Haifa’s Pride Parade, to be exact.  I couldn’t march – and besides, I wasn’t home from work in time – but I went to the park for the celebrations after the march.    Kidlet got permission to come from boarding school for the afternoon.  (Partner wasn’t there – she  doesn’t like crowds.)

Lots of people, lots of festivity!

Political speeches and moving stories

That’s Nitzan Horowitz, our very out member of Parliament…

Parents and children, young and old together

(The sign says “Against homophobia and racism”)

Lots and lots and lots of rainbows

On flags and feathers

On ties, blankets, belts, kippot

On hats and day planners

Lots of entertainment – from drag singers

to pop stars

I was pretty well exhausted by the end, and I still had to drive kidlet to a birthday party in the Galilee, all this after a long day at work and having gone to sleep after midnight waiting to cast on for the KAL.

But it was so worth it!

Happy Pride Month, wherever you are!