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Running to stay in place

April 21, 2015

Time is again moving much too quickly.  Events, experiences, the days just crash and blur and pile up upon each other in an untidy mess.

The vertigo is back.  Not as bad as the episode that put me in the hospital for four days last summer, but enough to disrupt plans and activity.  Because all of the tests that were done in the hospital and since – like CT scans, MRI, Doppler, etc – have been just fine, my doctor sent me to an otoneurologist, a specialist in all kinds of vestibular disorders.  I was lucky enough to get an appointment with the top guy in this field in the country, a professor who has spearheaded the study and treatment of vertigo and other balance dysfunction and dizziness.  So…he was very nice, very serious, asked good (and thorough) questions, and actually listened to my answers.  A rare breed of fellow.

From all the data available, he is pretty sure that we’re talking about MAV – migraine associated vertigo, or vestibular migraines.  The migraine headaches are hitting more often than usual as well.  Still, he has scheduled me for an additional series of tests – VNG, or Videonystagmography.  (Don’t ask me to pronounce that…) That’s in another couple of weeks.  So we’ll see what comes of it.

I had a really nasty bout of cold/flu in the midst of all of it, too.  I was in bed for the whole week preceding Pesach.  It was, I think, only the second time in my life I didn’t make it to Seder, which made me feel very sorry for myself.  I’m not a very… um, pleasant person when I’m sick, and this was enough for me to consider putting up a storm warning sign on the front door.  Niece was worried, sent Partner home from the Seder with a big food package for me, which was really a life-saver.  And I think it was the first time since I’ve had my own place – which is (ahem) quite a while now – that my house and kitchen were not ready for Pesach.  All the Pesach dishes and stuff stayed in the cupboard – I cleared one table for Pesach foods, we used plastic plates and utensils, and got through the week.

The worst part of all?  I wasn’t even up for knitting or reading.   So you can imagine what sort of a grump I was.

So I’m glad that’s behind us, and I’ll tell you soon what I’m up to these days!  If they’ll just slow down, sheesh.


Pesach Pursuits and Puzzles

April 9, 2012

Mid-holiday, and I’ve taken a day off from work to actually spend time at home with kidlet.  Just finished a snack of PBJ on matzah while she had a meal.  While I like to cook, Pesach is usually not too fancy, except for the Seder.

Preparations weren’t too bad.  Although the catbeast got a little confused.  I guess she doesn’t remember the fuss from one year to the next.  She was quite intrigued with me covering up kitchen surfaces and switching the plates and utensils – she really got in the way, jumping up and poking her nose in while I was trying to work.  I kept dumping her back onto the floor out of the way. Also tried putting her on top of the fridge  so she could still see what was going on, but evidently that wasn’t acceptable to her majesty.

She finally found a vantage point from which to observe everything closely without being tossed.

The Seder was lovely, with the magical number of 13 people at the table.

It was a fun and jumbled mix of traditions, given that those around the table came from mostly Russian, Polish, Swedish, Greek and Moroccan backgrounds.   And it seems that every region has its own version of Haroset – I’m finding that while there is only one that really says to me  “Pesach at home”, I love all the different varieties!   My mother made hers with walnuts, apples, and wine.  This year’s was made with dates and almonds.

(Before getting started…)

Unfortunately, later that night Partner started feeling ill – after we all got home – and she has been in bed with a fever since, so Kidlet and I are on our own to gallivant around.

Very odd incident yesterday.  Took Kidlet to the mall to exchange one of her Pesach gifts.  Lovely blouse from one of the relatives, but not her style at all.  We managed to get two shirts for her in exchange for the one.  Then we went to one of our favourite cafés to grab a bite.  I ordered a small salad, kid went for soup.  The waitress brought the food, fine.  Kidlet found she didn’t like the soup, so we called over the waitress, she took the soup away, and kidlet ordered something else.  (I really hate to be a difficult patron, but hey, we’re paying for it, we want it to be something we enjoy…)  The manager came to make sure that we were pleased, everybody happy.

Then, when we were halfway finished, the waitress came back.  With another salad.  She said I had been given the wrong size salad, so she brought me what I had ordered.  And took the halfway eaten salad away!  Wait, what?!   I was dumbfounded.  I could not figure out how this made any sense whatsoever.  Why bring me an entirely new plate of food when I had already eaten half of the old plate and was quite happy with it?  Isn’t that a terrible waste??  So she brought me the wrong size salad, so?  Charge me for what I ordered, and leave me alone.  Why bring another whole plate, and have to throw away the old one?  I am still baffled. Can anyone explain the logic of this to me?

Then when they brought the bill, I found they had charged me for Kidlet’s meal, one salad, and the soup we sent back.  I objected, the manager admonished the waitress, and they agreed to take half the price of the soup off the bill.  Good grief.  I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to argue more.

Well, at least they didn’t charge me for two salads.

Rhapsody Revised…

April 6, 2012

One more WIP down!  Finished the In the Navy criss cross scarf this week, with the lovely marine silk yarn from Steven.  It had been another casualty of the deadline and gift knitting that pushed all other WIPs aside.  But now it’s done!

Yes, the asymmetry is intentional.  I knit to the very end of the yarn, didn’t want to waste a bit.  This is what I had left after binding off:

(Sometimes one must live dangerously…)

It’s so soft and warm.

I wish I could wear it to the Seder tonight, but it’s much too warm out now.  Just taking the picture in it made me sweat!  Besides, kidlet and partner surprised me with a new shirt after their latest shopping trip, and I’m wearing that tonight.  (It’s purple…what else?)

So we’re off to feast and sing with the family!  The kitchen has been switched to the Pesach collection.  Not all the house cleaning has been finished, but never mind.

And just to laugh:

Have a wonderful holiday!

Pesach in 2011

April 18, 2011

This was around a couple of years ago, but I still love it.  For those of you getting geared up for hours and hours of Haggadah reading, singing, and of course eating tonight, here’s the 60-second version of the seder:

And this year, a friend sent me this fantastic item a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve since seen it in a lot of blogs and posts on facebook and twitter.  What if Moses had been able to google Exodus?

OK, enough playing, time to get cooking….

Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!

Tea Snob Heaven

April 17, 2011

Oof!  I’ve been busy with preparations for Pesach…well, at least I’ve been trying to get the flat in order.  Between that and work, and running after kidlet on vacation, there hasn’t been much time to blog.    (I’m not really running after kidlet physically, just emotionally … like sitting up all night when she goes to an all-night party/dance/club.  Still takes a toll…  And I’m very glad that I’m not 16 any more.)  Still have last minute shopping to do, too.

Sent out one swap package, and just about ready to send out another.  And waiting very impatiently for the Smart Ass Knitters April package.

What has arrived is the Traveling Tea Box from Steepster!    It began its multi-continent journey  in January 2010, and after several snags along the way has finally arrived on my doorstep from the US, and will then continue to the original starting point in Europe.

Oh, my.  As opposed to the Ravelry TTB, which is tea and yarn, this box is purely tea-related.  Very few accessories, just amazing teas.   I honestly don’t know where to start.  And how much I can take out without emptying the box completely!  I am not nearly as much of a tea snob as I am a yarn snob ( 😀 ), but this is just astounding.

First, some of the scented teas:

Also some pure-leaf (no scents):

Various and sundry other teas:

A few tins as well:

Some tea bags and storage, and a disc of music that I plan to listen to as I sip

If I have time, I’ll sort out what I’m keeping before tomorrow, but it’s doubtful.  I will be putting the box away for Pesach  (rotten timing!), but I foresee an orgy of tea tastings immediately following the holiday!  And probably more than one tea party.

Mm.  Glorious.

Pesach Wishes

March 30, 2010

To all those who celebrate it,

May you and those you love have a happy, safe, and kosher Pesach.