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Clear the Decks!

May 2, 2013

Well, not really.  I did finish two WIPs this week, out of the many WIPs still on the needles.

The Rainbow Hands Feeding Ducks is finished and blocked.

HHFD blocking 2


And kidlet’s Minty Molly is finished and has been squealed over, especially the pompom.

It can be worn with the brim folded up

minty molly FO 1

Or with the brim down as a slouchy.

minty molly FO 2

Kidlet wants to stretch it just a little, so I gave her a balloon.  Molly is stretching in her room now.

stretching molly

(The picture is upside down so you can see the hat properly.)

Why the push to finish?  Because I have a notice that there’s a package from abroad waiting for me, and I just know it holds Smart-Ass yarn for a pattern I want to do right away!

I’m a little worried because normally they don’t do pick ups on Friday, so any notices on Thursday say pick up on Sunday.  But this one says pick up tomorrow – I hope I don’t show up only to have them tell me to come back on Sunday!!  That would be a typical  bureaucratic snafu.

Meanwhile, tonight is make-progress-on-one-more-WIP time.  While trying to ignore the noise from the TV – Kidlet is watching Twilight for the umpteenth time.  Feh.

Heat. Hat. Turkey.

April 27, 2013

Aaaaand….we’re back to a heat wave.  I don’t remember April being so extreme before.

Puppy can’t stand the heat, she refuses to go on long walks.  Just quickly strolls to her favourite area outside, and then hurrys back in to lie on the cool floor.

Kidlet’s hat is going quickly, although I’ve been too busy in the house to knit much.  Did more while out yesterday.  Actively brainwashing recruiting teaching the young – went to a lovely birthday party in the forest (Happy Birthday,  Marina!!) and two of the children were fascinated by my knitting.  We made the stitch markers “leap” from one needle to another “telling me what to do”, naming colours,  they took turns holding and playing with the cable needle when I didn’t need to use it (the little boy even named it), and they helped me count.   So progress was made.

minty molly 1

Today I’m doing some experimenting in the kitchen.  Got some lovely turkey breast meat at the market, cut in cubes and probably meant for skewering and grilling.  I’m making a turkey stew with it.   Onion, celery, baby carrots, potatoes, corn and turkey in chicken stock.  Seasoned only with marjoram.

turkey stew

I’m using baby corn, because kidlet loves it.  I don’t know why, it always seems terribly bland to me, not nearly as flavourful as fresh corn or even canned sweet corn.  The only time I like it is in a strongly seasoned dish.   (If anyone has any ideas on how to make it edible as a side dish, I’d be glad to hear ’em.)

Let’s hope the evening brings a cool breeze.  Or something.

Back on track

April 25, 2013

Yesterday’s rest helped.  Just needed to turn off.  Was functioning again today, got a few things on my list done.  Not everything.  But enough that I felt good.  Could still do with some more recharging, but we’re back in business.

My Rainbow Hands and Ducks is finished, just needs to be blocked.  I want to get that done this weekend.  Finished most of it while I was waiting for kidlet to get out of school the other day, sipping chai latte.   I only had about a foot of yarn left when I finished binding off, which worked out well.  I used the sewn bind-off, which I don’t usually do – but I really like the control it gives over the tension and it’s a great match for the long tail cast-on.


Kidlet has been bugging me about a new hat.  I’ve been showing her patterns, and finally she chose what she wanted.  She had a hard time deciding on going with a plainish ribbed hat or a cabled one, tight fitting or slouchy.  The only thing she absolutely knew was that it has to have a pompom.  Yarn shopping wasn’t so successful, she didn’t see the exact colour she wanted anywhere.  But when I popped into a local crafts shop to get something else, I took a look at their yarns  (all acrylic or cotton, this isn’t where I usually yarn shop…) and saw a colour that was just what she had been going on about.  Bought it, and when she saw it she pronounced it perfect.

inbalit granada

So today, in between dealing with various bureaucratic issues,  I cast on for the Minty Molly hat for her.  It should knit up quickly.

minty molly brim

Waiting impatiently for the new shipment from the Smart Ass Knitters World Domination Club – of course I’ve checked out the spoilers thread and can’t wait to start the new pattern!!

I suppose I shouldn’t really stalk the mail carrier, right?  It would be rude?

Yeah, I thought so.  I’d better just knit and stay out of trouble.  (Ha.)


December 10, 2011

I’m still being good, haven’t opened my Chanuka swap gifts.  Although Jackie tells me that if I do decide to open the packages before Chanuka, I can always declare it “Chana-ka” whenever I want!

I have mailed my package to my spoilee already.   I do find it highly peculiar that most Chanuka gifts that I get from abroad have Chanuka wrapping paper…but in Israel there is none to be found.  And I’ve asked at the largest stationery and gift shops, as well as little hole-in-the-wall shops that usually have everything.   All the salespeople look at me as if I’ve lost my mind.   Chanuka decorations are everywhere, but no wrapping paper.  So… I made my own.   Hope my spoilee is amused!

I’ve passed the halfway mark with Slouchy Kid, kidlet’s slouchy hat.  There have been no more goofs – let’s hope that continues.  It really is a wonderful project, I love the pattern, and the yarn is fantastic to work with.  I’m knitting with BBB filati Martine, 100% superwash merino, in the colour kidlet chose:

It’s very soft, and very tightly twisted, so that knitting with it is a joy and the stitch definition is so sharp.

(Even if my photography isn’t…)

I do have more of this yarn in another colour, and I think on my next LYS crawl I may pick up more.  (Ahem.  Yarn diet?  What?)

I won’t have any days off during Chanuka, which is a bummer, since kidlet will be home.  We’ll have to work something out for the weekend.  In the meantime, right now it’s off to the Galilee to visit her!



The Lost Weeks

October 15, 2011

September was totally lost.  And October has threatened to be as well, but I am determined not to allow that.  While I may never catch up and fill in what all has happened in the past month and a half, I will definitely carry on!

Between work and moving,  September was pretty exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  Wonderful friends helped out with emptying boxes – a very slow job, limited to a few evenings  – and things have finally begun to take shape.   At least I now know what is in the majority of the boxes, and they’re mostly in the correct rooms.

The main problem?  I am a hoarder.  I may laugh and pass it off as being just an ordinary pack-rat personality, but it is a real issue,  and therefore moving is a nightmare.  Thank the goddess I have friends who care enough to be mean when they know it’s necessary.  When faced with an entire box of similar items, they tell me I may choose five, and the rest go.  While they understand me and love me,  they have been ruthless, and I thank them for it and love them back more than they can know.   (And I am also very glad they themselves are knitters, and wouldn’t dream of touching my stash…..whew.)

Many of the things have simply been tossed, and many have been given away.  A lot has gone to the local shelter for battered women and children.  And I still have a house that seems very full!  One plus is that things have come to light that I had either forgotten I had or were buried deep away somewhere – including a whole bunch of my knitting from 20-30 years ago.  (Some of those items have by now come back into fashion, and I’m wearing them again!  Ha.)

Health-wise, the results of all the tests are in, and it seems the hip damage wasn’t as great as feared.   The doc did see something on the MRI, and we’re now waiting for a consultation on that.  He told me to get off the crutches!  Yay!  But that’s a yay with a clarification.  Now the pain is back.  So when it gets bad I still use the crutches.  Or at least one.  I really don’t want to go back on pain killers.  😦   New tests are in the cards.

Kidlet’s health is also being dealt with.  After Rosh HaShana, she went into the hospital for test to balance out her meds, which were causing her major hassles.  Any time for emptying boxes went right out the window, since I’ve spent every evening after work visiting her, getting home so late that I just fall into bed until I have to drag myself out to get back to work in the morning.

So…there’s been almost no time for knitting or reading or visiting or pretty much anything else.  Like shopping for a new washing machine, since my old faithful clunker didn’t survive the move.

I did finish the Ironic Hipster hat.  Just before the deadline for the KAL. The yarn is just unbelievably soft.

And I finished the Rocking Monkey socks.  Not before the KAL deadline, but never mind.  They’re done!! And they’re great.

I also managed one new project.  At the family Rosh HaShana dinner, nephew asked for a hat with ear flaps, as he’s traveling to Hungary in another month and it will be much colder than we’re used to here.  I whipped that project up quickly, using the Thorpe pattern by Kirsten Kapur, published in Through the Loops.  I modified it a wee bit, since I used thinner yarn than is called for, and I left off the crocheted border and braid ties.  Nephew liked it a lot, and said he’s thinking of his next hat….

This weekend Kidlet is home for the holiday, although she has to go back to the hospital tonight.  She had a friend sleep over last night, and as a treat – since she’s been two weeks in hospital – I splurged on the new fad of crackle nail polish, and we all tried it out.   (Partner opted out…)    I like.

Now Kidlet and her friend have just experimented in the kitchen.  They decided to make chocolate pancakes – with no help from Mom.  They downloaded a recipe from the internet, I showed them where everything was in the kitchen, and then – without showing my trepidation – I left them to it.

Not bad for a first attempt!  She may have more kitchen duty in the future….

We are planning a drive up the coast to see the beginnings of autumn before taking Kidlet back.  And then I’m on holiday for a week!   Things can actually get done!

Hope springs eternal….

One down…

February 16, 2011

Well, after yesterday’s post, I decided that enough’s enough, and floored the gas pedal on the knitting mojo to finish at least one of the projects.  I chose kidlet’s hat, since that was the easiest to get done quickly.

Kidlet and I are both Harry Potter fans.  (I think me more than her, but it’s close…)  The last two movies have had oodles of great knitted objects in them, hats and scarves and sweaters galore.  In Deathly Hallows it was downright distracting.  But I digress.

In the Half-Blood Prince, Hermione is wearing a lovely gray hat with cables and some eyelet lace.  Jackie in her blog JL Yarnworks decided to give the pattern a try, and I think her interpretation is fantastic.

Here’s a promo still of actress Emma Watson wearing the hat in the film:

And here’s the hat I knitted for kidlet using Jackie’s pattern:

Pretty spot on.

After publishing the pattern, she watched the movie again and realised that the crown of the hat is sewn, in more of a square shape, and added alternate instructions accordingly.  I liked the decreasing crown, however, and so did kidlet, so I stayed with that.

The pattern advises 3 repeats of the cable/eyelet pattern for a child’s hat, and 4 repeats for an adult.   Three repeats were indeed too small, but as I started the 4th,  I realised that it would be way too big, so I just added 5 of the knit/purl rows and began decreasing, and it’s fine.

The pattern calls for the alternate/rib cable cast on.  I like the cable cast on, much better than the knitted cast on…but the rib alternate took me forever!!!  Possible the longest time I’ve ever spent on casting on for a project.  It does make a nice, clean, stretchy rib, but Merlin’s Drawers, it takes a lot of time.  If I make this again, I may use tillybuddy’s stretchy rib cast on instead.

So…  one down, and still way too many to go.  (I do have enough yarn left over to make her a matching set of mittens….no!  Stop that!)  Next up – a gift that’s almost halfway done now.  I want to finish it within a week.  Pedal to the mojo metal.  Carpal Tunnel be damned.

(I finally got a notice of a package – I hope it’s the wayward yarn…)