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Pesach Pursuits and Puzzles

April 9, 2012

Mid-holiday, and I’ve taken a day off from work to actually spend time at home with kidlet.  Just finished a snack of PBJ on matzah while she had a meal.  While I like to cook, Pesach is usually not too fancy, except for the Seder.

Preparations weren’t too bad.  Although the catbeast got a little confused.  I guess she doesn’t remember the fuss from one year to the next.  She was quite intrigued with me covering up kitchen surfaces and switching the plates and utensils – she really got in the way, jumping up and poking her nose in while I was trying to work.  I kept dumping her back onto the floor out of the way. Also tried putting her on top of the fridge  so she could still see what was going on, but evidently that wasn’t acceptable to her majesty.

She finally found a vantage point from which to observe everything closely without being tossed.

The Seder was lovely, with the magical number of 13 people at the table.

It was a fun and jumbled mix of traditions, given that those around the table came from mostly Russian, Polish, Swedish, Greek and Moroccan backgrounds.   And it seems that every region has its own version of Haroset – I’m finding that while there is only one that really says to me  “Pesach at home”, I love all the different varieties!   My mother made hers with walnuts, apples, and wine.  This year’s was made with dates and almonds.

(Before getting started…)

Unfortunately, later that night Partner started feeling ill – after we all got home – and she has been in bed with a fever since, so Kidlet and I are on our own to gallivant around.

Very odd incident yesterday.  Took Kidlet to the mall to exchange one of her Pesach gifts.  Lovely blouse from one of the relatives, but not her style at all.  We managed to get two shirts for her in exchange for the one.  Then we went to one of our favourite cafés to grab a bite.  I ordered a small salad, kid went for soup.  The waitress brought the food, fine.  Kidlet found she didn’t like the soup, so we called over the waitress, she took the soup away, and kidlet ordered something else.  (I really hate to be a difficult patron, but hey, we’re paying for it, we want it to be something we enjoy…)  The manager came to make sure that we were pleased, everybody happy.

Then, when we were halfway finished, the waitress came back.  With another salad.  She said I had been given the wrong size salad, so she brought me what I had ordered.  And took the halfway eaten salad away!  Wait, what?!   I was dumbfounded.  I could not figure out how this made any sense whatsoever.  Why bring me an entirely new plate of food when I had already eaten half of the old plate and was quite happy with it?  Isn’t that a terrible waste??  So she brought me the wrong size salad, so?  Charge me for what I ordered, and leave me alone.  Why bring another whole plate, and have to throw away the old one?  I am still baffled. Can anyone explain the logic of this to me?

Then when they brought the bill, I found they had charged me for Kidlet’s meal, one salad, and the soup we sent back.  I objected, the manager admonished the waitress, and they agreed to take half the price of the soup off the bill.  Good grief.  I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to argue more.

Well, at least they didn’t charge me for two salads.