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Back on Track

May 8, 2015

So.  It took me a week to tink back the Saved by a Fish’s Kiss socks.  After a couple of days of being bummed and not so eager to pick them up.  However….little by little I persevered.  Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1500 stitches tinked.  And now I’m finally moving forward once again, sans vampire-bite holes and with the correct stitch count.

With the tinking came an extra little challenge:  What to do with all the yarn coming undone.  I couldn’t just rewind it, since these socks are being knit from the two ends of one skein.  So no way to really rewind.  I tried to keep the unraveled yarn neat, but in the end there were some….rather intricate tangles.  I used a pair of improvised butterfly bobbins, and managed to get it all sorted out with very little profanity used.  Well….maybe a bit more than very little, but not much, honest.

toe up taat back on track

They’re not terribly convenient to use either, but better than nothing.

I think I’m going to enter these socks into the Yarn and Falafel Fiber Fest WIP competition being held at the end of the month.  Basic vanilla socks, to be sure, but they represent a few new techniques learned, and I will be proud and relieved to finally get these finished after several years in the WIP basket.  All WIPs that are completed by the gathering are eligible for the competition, I will hopefully get a couple more things done and tag them to enter too.

I will again be teaching a double-knitting workshop at the Fest, and again use my Hot Cuppa Coasters pattern to teach.  The pattern has had great success, with two separate KALs done on Ravelry in different groups learning double-knitting, and in at least three off-Ravelry classes in double-knitting around the world.  Three that I know of – those in which the instructors wrote and asked my permission to use the pattern.  I have heard of one class taught in which the pattern was used without anyone contacting me.  Which, since it’s free, is cool, although I much prefer to be asked.  So far, in ten months the pattern has been downloaded by over 1000 people, there are 51 projects up on Ravelry, and it’s in another 94 queues.  Which makes me ridiculously happy.

More about the Y&FFF later!

I intend to get some housekeeping done around the blog soon, the pattern and book pages are woefully behind the times, and there are plans floating around my head to revamp some things as well.  We shall see.

Interesting clouds outside my window…

Shabbat Shalom!



Mirror, mirror, how I knit you

August 22, 2014

I have become a definite fan of double knitting.  For those of you who haven’t yet experienced this fun technique, it’s basically knitting a two-sided fabric, with a stockinette face on each side, and knitting both sides simultaneously.  Well, yeah, that was clear as mud.

Anyway, it’s a technique with colour that knits a mirrored image on the opposite side.  It’s fun for me because there is no wrong side, and no loose yarn ends to weave in, doesn’t pucker like stranded colourwork can, and is great fun.

Back in 2010, Marielle sent me a double knitted hamsa in a swap:

hamsa-cloth-1  hamsa-cloth-2


See the mirrored colours?

I’ve wanted to learn this technique ever since, and finally grabbed my chance.  A friend was expecting her first grandbaby, and I wanted to knit something special.  So I downloaded a chart for the Babydecke blanket, watched some tutorials on youtube, and took the plunge.  And this was the result:

BabyEkstein FO1 BabyEkstein FO2


Nothing like jumping right into the deep end!  By the time I was finished with this, I think I had learned to correct all possible double knitting mistakes and felt ready to tackle anything!  I made it easier by creating an excel chart with the stitch counts.

Oh, I had some yarn left over so quickly knitted up some booties for the baby as well…every baby needs a pair of converse, no?

allstars FO 1


But back to double knitting…

At the annual Yarn & Falafel Fiber Fest, the blanket won a prize, voted on by those who attended.  I was pleased as punch.

I was also asked to give a workshop on double knitting at the gathering.  I wanted to show different edging techniques in double knitting, so I knitted up a Hufflepuff bookmark to show a different style with an invisible edge:

hufflepuff 1 hufflepuff 2


I also wanted to teach the workshop using a simple project that everyone could do to learn with.  I looked around on Ravelry, but didn’t find exactly what I wanted.  So I made a few swatches, wrote up a quick pattern, and taught the workshop using this coaster pattern:


It was a hit, so I wrote it up nicely, added a tutorial, and published it on Ravelry.  And to my delight, within three weeks it was chosen as a KAL in two different groups!  So far 20 projects and counting…

It’s a free pattern, with a link below and on my pattern page.  The tutorial is all on one page, so if you already know how to double knit, just ignore that page.  The chart is also written up separately with stitch counts included, for those who hate charts.

My next step will be learning to double knit with different images on each side…

Now knit yourself a coaster in your favourite colours, make yourself a hot cuppa, and enjoy!