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Pass the Echinacea

November 29, 2010

During the infamous day I was without my Perseverance shawl, I finished up the Red Plait Scarf that had been sitting patiently in my WIPs.

There wasn’t much yarn in the end, and my attempts to find more of the deep red Soul Wool were not successful, so it was much shorter than I wanted.  But soooooo smooshy and soft!  I will probably pin it as a fancy cowl/scarf.

The silver shawl pin is one I found in a little shop on Santorini on our last cruise to Greece.  I’m still waiting for weather cool enough to wear a shawl so I can show it off!!!


This is post number 200!!!

I thought about doing something significant to celebrate, but somehow somewhere I have managed to pick up a cold and I’m feeling pretty miserable.  Dragged myself into work anyway.  So we will have to be satisfied with a hearty huzzah (unfortunately with a sniffle and a cough and a sneeze) and that’s it.  Hip, hip!

(Which do you think is worse, a cold when it’s cold out, or when it’s warm?  I can’t decide….)