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Royalty in the House

June 6, 2015

The family has grown.

The catbeast and the kid do not get along.  Kid doesn’t know exactly what she did or when, but the catbeast decided at one point that they were not compatible.  This has made the kid very sad, not to mention pissed off.  She is not the most patient of humans, and her many unsuccessful tries to make friends with the feline have made her vent in frustration.  Especially since it was kid who saved the catbeast when she was a 2-week-old kitten abandoned on the street by her mother.

Kid has repeatedly bugged me to add another cat to the household.  I told her all the expenses and care would be on her, as opposed to me having to take over (which has happened with multiple rabbits, hamsters, and other beasts).

So when (now ex-) boyfriend’s cat had kittens, the kid decided to adopt one.  There was only one female in the litter, and a week or so ago, when the babies were old enough to leave mom, kid went out and bought supplies and settled the kitten in her room.


After much discussion about names, the kid, to my horror, chose to name the kitten “Princess”.  Gak.  Cliche, much?  I tried to persuade her to perhaps name the wee beastie after a princess, real or fictional – like Jasmine, or Tiger Lily – but that didn’t take.  Then I tried other characters that kid loves, like Luna.  Almost worked, but no.  Princess it is.

I have consoled myself with calling the babe “Prynne”, sometimes expanded to “Hester Prynne”, although kid objects to the Hester part.  I have told her that Hester Prynne was among the first and most important female protagonists in American literature, a truly fascinating character and a strong and defiant woman in a time period when women were meant to be totally subservient.  Kid is not impressed, and has told me that “Prynne” is fine, “Hester” isn’t.

Yeah.  Whatever.

Catbeast is not amused.  At all. She is quite angry about her territory being invaded.  I’m spending a lot of time cuddling her.


So far the solution has been to have separate areas for the two.  Baby catbeast has the kid’s room (with food, bed, and litter box there), and senior catbeast has my room and office (with food, bed, and litter box for her).  The rest of the house is joint territory, with alternating occupancy.  Although they are currently avoiding each other apart from the occasional growl or hiss, I’m really hoping that they will eventually become friends, or at least tolerate each other in the same space.

The babe is quite active, and is proving herself a great hunter of flies and other insects.  She is also very curious and must explore everything.


I have not yet tried to knit with the kitten around.  That will almost certainly happen at a later date.

And it’s never a dull moment in the neighbourhood.


F.C. Day

December 26, 2009

A.  Frustrating Cushion / Frogged Cover

Partner wanted me to knit a cover for a cushion she uses for her back.  I bought the yarn this week, and tonight I started…well, tonight was my first attempt.

The cushion is a totally weird shape.  It slopes in and bulges out in different directions in different places.  I tried the magic loop cast on tonight, in the hope that I can fit and shape over the top of the cushion like a sock and then continue in the round, increasing and decreasing to match the shape.  That didn’t work, I frogged after about 20 rows – the shaping wasn’t working.  First I frogged back just a few rows and tried adding stitches in some places and decreasing in others, but nope.

Tomorrow I’ll try with a provisional cast on, shape in each direction over the top and then join to knit in the round.  If that doesn’t work I’ll have to come up with something else, so let’s hope it works.


B.  Frantic Cat

We have a large paper lamp shade in the living room.  You know the kind – metal frame in the middle from top to bottom, and round bamboo frame covered with paper.

Well, yesterday I had to change the light bulb, and when I did I saw that the shade had a small tear, so I took it down intending to either fix it or replace it.  In the meantime I left it on the table.  This evening the cat got curious about this odd new toy, managed to get herself halfway inside, then was seized by panic and tried to run.  The wire loop at the bottom of the lamp wedged around her middle, and as she ran the bamboo frame tore off and unwound in a long spiral behind her across the floor and out of the room as she tried to escape.  Terrified kitteh.  She couldn’t get loose, and wouldn’t let anyone near her.  I finally managed to get ahold of her under the dining room table, but the wire frame was really stuck tight, and we couldn’t get it up or down.  Kidlet held her – trying to avoid the claws and teeth and spitting – while I ran and got the wire cutters.  A few snips, a little wire bending,  and kitteh was free.  Poor Nike.  Lampshade now totally destroyed, along with the cat’s nerves. 

Nike got a little extra treat for dinner.  And hopefully she will leave future lampshades alone.  And I shouldn’t leave such interesting things so accessable.      *sigh*

Shabbat shalom.