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Do mice have waists?

April 28, 2015

Our little Mousey has had an operation.  The catbeast managed to rip a big hole at her waist (or whatever that general area is called in mice) while trying to get at the catnip inside.  I discovered the patient after finding said catbeast attempting to lick a clump of stuffing.  Which was quite a sight in and of itself.  She desperately wanted to taste it but the stuffing evidently was very unpleasant on her tongue.  Which did seem to confuse her and left her tongue hanging in limbo while she tried to figure out her next move.  Sorry I didn’t manage to grab a photo of that.

The operation went well, although the stitches were not sewn with beauty in mind.  And our catnippy little household rodent will carry a scar.

mousey post op

Catbeast was quite anxious throughout the surgery, sitting facing me and not taking her eyes off of Mousey for even one second.  She was quite happy to immediately take over supervising Mousey’s post-op recovery.

mousey post op with catbeast

Let us hope that Mousey will not suffer any further injuries.


The Feline. The Anti-Florist.

March 28, 2012

I have managed so far to refrain from casting on a new project, instead working on my WIP-busting.  My Wedgie scarf, started so long ago and put aside as gift and deadline knitting took over, is now finished!  Wove in the ends on the way home from work yesterday.

Finished, but not blocked.  Just like the Algonquin.  And others.  There are six finished projects waiting to be blocked.  (Actually, one needs to be reblocked, I didn’t block it aggressively enough the first time.)

Part of the problem is that I do my knitting on the go, very little at home.  The meager home time I have is filled with other household-y things.  I need to set aside some blocking time and just do it!   As soon as I figure out where I’m blocking so that the cat-beast doesn’t pull her favourite trick of pulling out all the pins and curling up in the resulting mess.   I need to move some things around so that one of the balconies can be shut off.  Although she is adept at opening doors with handles, the cat can’t move sliding doors.  Yet.  It may drive her crazy to see all those blocking projects through the glass door, but tough.

Why so little sympathy for the little dear?   The other night we were at a wonderful wedding – saw people we enjoy being with and don’t see enough, great food (too much of it, actually…), and great joyfulness all-round.   When we were leaving, the mother of the bride insisted I take a bunch of flowers, saying they would just be thrown away.   Purple flowers…need I say more?  So when I got home after midnight, I arranged them all in water before collapsing into bed, tired but happy.   Didn’t give it another thought.

Woke up to this:

Now, the cat-beast has never paid any attention to flowers before.  What is it about these???    I rearranged them in the bowl, minus the odd torn/crumpled petal.  Twice more, as soon as I left the room, the cat “redesigned” the arrangement.    Then I divided the flowers into two arrangements, one purple, one all white, and moved them to where it would be hard for her to get to.   Or so I thought.  She again managed to scatter the flowers, but this time only the white ones.  The purple flowers she has left alone for an entire day.    So the white blooms probably have a scent that bothers her.  Or she’s just being ornery, which is also possible.

Don’t be fooled by the “Who, me?” expression.

It will serve her right to be able to see all the knitted yumminess blocking and not be able to reach it.

And in the meantime I’ve pulled out another languishing WIP and I mean to finish it!!  I’m not promising not to cast on anything new, especially since SnB is tomorrow night and there are murmurs of a group KAL.  But in the meantime, WIP-busting is afoot.

More buried treasure

November 19, 2011

Still digging through boxes.  Today was another wonderful find.  (The fact that none of the boxes were labeled is a source of great frustration when looking for something….and sometimes great delight when something special that had disappeared comes to light…)

We bought several souvenirs on last year’s trip to Greece.  One of our favourite places was the artists’ colony in the village of Oía on the island of Santorini.

Santorini is famous for its donkeys.  Once they were the only way to get to the capital – built on a cliff – from the sea.  So when you reach the island from that side, you ride donkeys or mules up the steep slope to the top.

Some years ago the Swiss-made cable car, also known as the “teleferique,” made its appearance. It was a gift from the wealthy Santorini ship owner Nomikos. This made things easier for tourists who had luggage to carry with them. Of course the donkey owners didn’t lose much because a percentage of the money earned from the cable car is given to them.

Donkeys are also used in traditional weddings where the bride rides a rather well dressed donkey to the church and back to her house.

So it wasn’t a surprise that donkeys are a feature of many aspects of Santorini.  Another feature of the island is beautiful mosaics, especially in churches.  So when we visited one of the many art galleries in the village, I was happy to find mosaic donkeys!  Couldn’t afford one of the larger works, so I grabbed a donkey for the fridge.

And then another little mosaic statue caught my eye.  And there was no way to resist.

Come on, how could I not buy this?

So today I found these little pearls tucked away in a box of books.  Donkey is on the fridge, kitty and yarn on my desk.  And more boxes have been emptied.

Who knows what the next treasure will be?  Gives me an incentive to keep unpacking….