No, not a scary duck, you muggle

Well, the annual Haifa Fantasy and SciFi Con (known as “Dorot”) is over for another year.  It always coincides with Purim, so all the people wearing costumes don’t look out of place at all.

This year I went as a Niffler.


This was actually my victory pose taken by Shoshie after we kicked ass playing Artemis.  We were in the first crew of the day to beat all our opponents and return safely to home spaceport; in fact, we were the first crew of the day who didn’t blow ourselves up.  I was the engineer.  “Increasing energy to the rear shields, Cap’n!”  “Naw, Cap’n, I cannae boost the sensors any more, the engine cannae take it!”  Okay, okay, so I didn’t talk like that, but I was definitely channeling Scotty.  Actually I listened more to the Science Officer (waves to Shoshie) than the Captain, but never mind.  We did lose a few crew members from the DamCon teams (damage control), sadly.  Moment of silence.  But luckily for our safety and survival, most of the damage to the ship was limited to the hull, and not much of the ship’s systems. We did good.

And back to the Niffler.  Making the costume presented some challenges, including the fact that furry material sheds like a…  hm.  Let’s just say that even after vacuuming, I’m finding little bits of black fluff in the oddest places.  I couldn’t find a mask anywhere – not even a duck mask that I could alter – so I cut some eyes out of a large black baseball cap and built the beak onto the cap.  The fur hood covered the rest of the cap.  Originally I put plastic lenses in the eye holes, but I found it was easier to do without them when wearing my glasses.

I always knit a part of my costume.  This year it was the paws.  I used the Innsmouth pattern by Anne-Marie Dunbar, with some obvious modifications, like leaving a hole at each fingertip for the claws.

I also changed the row count, since I was using bulky yarn instead of the aran weight called for.  I kept the stitch count, though, to make a dense fabric to hold the claws securely.

In all, I was very satisfied with my costume.  The only real drawback was the fact that it was an incredibly, extremely, intensely warm day, way too warm for the heavy fur material.  At some point I just had to take it off before I created a scandal and melted into a puddle in the midst of a lecture.  It did get cooler in the evening, but I didn’t bother with transforming back to the Niffler, I just popped over to the many vendor booths and grabbed myself a Hufflepuff beanie to keep my ears warm.

Go, badgers.

Most of the day was spent in lectures (including hearing some fascinating theories about the Jedi prophesy of the Chosen One), admiring others’ cosplay, listening to a troubadour group that sings about science and geekitude, and hanging with friends.

By 10 pm, I was exhausted, so I headed on home, regretfully skipping the Monty Python sing-along.

Until next year.


Yes, I’m back to the blog after a long hiatus.  I have missed blogging ferociously.  I’ve been working like a fiend, and have not had much time for anything – I haven’t blogged or photographed, I’ve barely done any reading or knitting, and all my hours are spent in translating or teaching.  I can’t make any promises about frequency, but I need to be here again.

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One Response to “No, not a scary duck, you muggle”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Happy to see you’re back 🙂
    Your costume rocks! (even though , to my shame, I had to look up “Niffler” )

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