Inebriated Shoppers

Tipsy patrons.  Buzzed clientele.

Kid and I went for our weekly shopping at the supermarket.  And surprise!  Somehow we missed the memo that today the market was hosting a wine festival.  And what a festival!

We walked in to find a live band playing some lovely classical and jazz tunes.

supermarket orchestra

We looked at each other and thought oooh kay…

Just inside the entrance we were greeted by a hostess who offered us wine glasses for a token fee.  I grabbed one, they were nice glasses.  (And we got to keep them.)

Then we discovered rows and rows of wine stalls scattered throughout the store, representing lots of little local wineries and some of the big ones.  At the end of every aisle, and several in the aisles.  I stopped counting them after 30.

Just holding up your wine glass was enough for someone to pour a slosh into it. With a pitch about the wine and the winery thrown in.  All the stalls had plates of munchies too, of course.  And it was quite professional, there were spit buckets at most.

tasting 4


There were crowds around many of the stalls, much laughter and standing around.  Folks listening to the music and applauding.  A couple of photographers wandering around snapping shots of people tasting the wines and toasting each other.

Which made actual shopping kind of…difficult.  Kidlet started to get a wee testy.

Navigating the cart around people sniffing and swirling their wine glasses.  Animated discussions about wine and vineyards and types of grapes in the middle of aisles.  Even those doing their shopping were holding half-full glasses as they shopped.  Which was a rather bizarre sight.

There were all kinds of deals, naturally.  I sampled but was good, and left without spending half my budget on wine.

wine tasting 1

As the hour got later the music got a little more rowdy, a little more dramatic.  More applause.

orchestra 2

You have to admit it’s an interesting venue for a wine tasting fest.  I wonder if it brought in a lot of business or revenue for the market.

On the plus side, lots of crowds, drinks and munchies, everyone relaxed and somewhat jolly.  It would be fascinating to know how that affects our buying habits…

On the minus side, it was crowded, and somewhat inconvenient for any serious food shopping.  And I really do hope that most people were using those spit buckets, because the market is one that is out of the way and only accessible to folks with cars.

I was half wondering if I would see police holding breath analyzers at the exit.  Nope.

All in all, though, it was an enjoyable, albeit long, evening.  All that and we got our shopping done, too.

tasting 3


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