The (arbitrary) finish line!

And….NaBloPoMo is a wrap!

I did it.  I’ve done it before,  but given the break I took in blogging this was a giant leap.  Huzzah!

NaBloPoMo – blogging every day for a month.  This November the theme was “Type Your Heart Out”.  1427 bloggers took part (or at least signed up on the November blogroll).

Image of female hands on the keys typing documents

There were lots of perks to joining.

  • BlogHer PRO School – lessons on how to improve your writing. (I confess I only read a few of these – but I have them saved…)
  • Twitter Chats
  • Daily Newsletter
  • Daily prompts and help
  • Survival Guide
  • Badges!

blog Halfway through, JoAnne Apple posted a great blog entry on how NaBloPoMo feels in pictures.  She nailed it.

NaBloPoMo occurs every month on BlogHer, but November is special, it was the original month for it all to happen.  So I wanted to join in this month.

There were days the words just flew onto the screen.  There were days I wrote several posts and saved them for later.  There were days I just didn’t want to bother.  Sat staring at the computer screen and wondered what on earth would possibly be interesting to anyone (including me).  Days I was out and got home just in time to quickly type some pithy phrases of profundity in order to hit “publish” just before midnight.  But I did it.

I’ll keep on blogging!  I don’t know if I’ll continue to write every day, while the discipline is excellent it gets forced and who wants to write or read that?

In the meantime, today I’ll just kick back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.


finish line


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