Knit a Circuit?


Electronic art professor Jesse Seay has developed a tutorial to knit your own circuitry.

circuit board

He says in the instructions  he assumes you already know how to knit, solder, and wire up LEDs. (If you need to brush up on those skills, there are great tutorials all over the web.)

circuit wrist


He has done all of his projects on a knitting machine, but says it would be easy to hand knit a circuit board as well.

Now, there are several disclaimers about wearing knitting circuitry.

Disclaimer #1: Wearables made with this method are not intended for rough handling. Prom, yes. Soccer, no.

Disclaimer #2: Solder is toxic. Don’t wear the circuit against bare skin. Wash your hands after handling. Wear goggles when working.

Disclaimer #3: Some readers have expressed concern about lead from the solder leaching through fabric. I’m not an expert, but I suspect this would be an issue with wet fabric, not dry fabric. So keep your circuits dry — avoid rain, spills, and contact with sweat.

I’m baffled.

Other than displaying truly admirable geek status, I’m not really sure what this is for.

Can anyone please enlighten me?



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