Vista of Peace

A few doors down the road from me is a lovely little haven of a park.  A sculpture garden, with paths and benches and many little half-hidden places to take in the view.  (It’s also the park that kidlet got locked up in a year ago…we don’t go there late any more.)  Called Mitzpor Shalom – Vista of Peace.

All 29 of the bronze life-size sculptures are the work of one artist, Ursula Malbin.  I believe that in 1978 Mitzpor Shalom was the first open-air sculpture garden in the world devoted entirely to the works of an individual woman artist.

Earlier in the day, I had tea and cake with a friend, we braved the cold and sat outside at the cafe where we met up.  Basically because the inside tables were all full.  We – along with everyone else sitting outside – chased the sun for an hour or so.  We shivered in the cold shade of clouds but whenever a table in the direct sunlight opened up one of the groups of shiverers grabbed their things and dishes and moved over.  We were all laughing at our giant game of musical tables without the music, applauding those who successfully moved into a warmer spot each time.  The poor waitress had to keep tabs on who was where.

When I got home, I parked the car and decided to pop over to the sculpture garden.  It hadn’t really started to rain yet, just a few random drops.  Still, all the paths and benches were empty due to the incoming stormclouds.

From the entrance you can see the bay and the port.


The sculptures are meant to reflect and blend in with the greenery.


Some surprise you as you go around a bend in the path.


Some are serious, some are humorous, some are whimsical.


Not all of the sculptures are of humans…


I was about halfway through the gardens when the rain started to fall more in earnest, so I cut short my stroll and hurried home.

It’s a wonderful place to escape for a while.  Where do you escape to?

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