Stitch n Bitch n Giggle

We got kind of silly at SnB last night.  Which isn’t really that unusual…

Smallish group this time, several couldn’t come.  But someone new joined us, and one spouse as well.  I controlled myself and didn’t wear the new pyjamas out.

I was tired after all the hiking through the zoo, but wild horses, etc…

Yigal caught us a bit blurry…

snb1 20.11.14

Then I became the photographer

snb2 20.11.14

Someone wanted to show off the sweater he knit…   😉

snb3 20.11.14

Roberta showed off her wonderful new sweatshirt



We had our recurring argument about her project.  I say it’s pink, she says it’s fuschia, which isn’t pink at all.  (It’s pink.  Hot pink, but pink.)

My goats were much admired.  Which sounds terrible if taken out of context, but you know what I mean.

A lot of knitting, good food and beer, discussion (knitting and other random subjects) and more than a little laughter.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

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