We’re goin’ to the zoo-zoo-zoo, How about you-you-you

You can come too-too-too, We’re goin’ to the zoo-zoo-zoo…

Kidlet had an appointment mid-day, and I promised to pick her up.   In the meantime, I wandered over to the park and into the zoo.

It was pretty quiet, children were still in school, or just out and home for lunch or rest-time.

The carousel outside the zoo gates was still.


Once I came inside,  I encountered birds wandering or wading or tending to their feathers.




There was a whole flock of white and brown birds in one area, and with them one lone flashy type over by the fence…  I wonder if the others play with it, or if it must keep to itself…



At one point kidlet joined me, and we wandered together.

In the midday heat many of the animals were sleeping.  I tried not to bother them, but couldn’t resist snapping a few napping creatures.

Like this magnificent white tiger


The leopard was half awake / half asleep but gave me a drowsy look before flopping back down to snooze…


The karakal was curled up in a corner.


One lioness was eating…something kind of bloody, don’t know what.  The other was watching warily.


Even most of the snakes were taking naps.


The meerkats were wide awake, and fighting over food/bugs.  And planning strategy…


Except for this one, playing king of the hill


The bears were funny.  They had all been for a swim, and some were resting.  One sat and made funny faces at us as we talked to it.


Another was tired and needed something to prop itself up.


We didn’t go into the petting zoo section, although this little one tried to persuade us otherwise.


Whatever your feelings and opinions about zoos, and I’m not even going to go there right now, we can all admire and respect the wide variety of the animal kingdom…





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One Response to “We’re goin’ to the zoo-zoo-zoo, How about you-you-you”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    While some zoos are certainly of questionable quality, you can’t beat the educational value. I love well-run zoos!

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