Open Wide. Rinse.

Guess where I was today.



Not too bad, I may have flinched or twitched or grimaced a few times.  And when it was all over I was told that somehow it seems I take better care of my bottom teeth and gums than my top teeth and gums.  I hadn’t noticed much of a difference in how I brush…maybe I floss more on the bottom?  Wield that toothpick in a discriminatory way?  Odd.  Do you treat your top teeth differently than your bottom teeth?

The dental tech was amused (and patient) when I got out the camera…

Afterwards, in a nearby shop, purely by accident I encountered  something that made all suffering just fly away.  I wasn’t actually looking for this.  But all resistance was futile.  I got myself a new pair of pyjamas.  And not just any pair of pyjamas.  The end all, never wear anything else ever again, ultimate pair of pyjamas.

First, they are very comfortable, and warm.  (I’m wearing them as I type this.) And they have nice roomy pockets.  And… just check ’em out:



I plan to sleep in them, work in them, lounge in them, knit in them…




I wonder if I can wear them to go outside…

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