Sitting in the dark


The electricity crashed.  Not just our flat, not just our building.  The whole street as far as we could see, and the surrounding streets as well.  No street lights, and the traffic lights out too.  Total darkness outside, except for the cars driving by.  The intersection without the traffic lights was scary to watch from the window…

We lit a few candles and scattered them around.  Flashlight at hand.

Laptop battery was at 53% when the power went.  I had to use the portable modem, as obviously the wifi was out.  I was a little worried about not being able to charge the phones if necessary.

Amazing how dependent we are.

We finally got through to a recorded message on the Electric Company’s emergency line – they were aware of the “problem” in our city and were “working on it”.  They estimated another 1-2 hours without electricity.    In reality it was 40 minutes.  Not bad.  Could have been much worse.

At one point I sent kidlet to eat the rest of the ice cream.

Kidlet was complaining about no TV.  I was much more concerned about not enough light to knit brioche.  Dammit, I was on a roll, had managed quite a few rows before poof! – no light.

So happy it’s back.  What an annoying little interruption.

Let there be light.

And now back to the brioche.


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