Alone in a crowd, quiet surrounded by noise

The park across the street is sprinkled with playground equipment for kids to play on.  Not all together, they’re in little circles around each bend of the path.  Lots of benches for parents.  One main path going through it all.

At night, the children are in bed.  And the park is silent.  The swings, the see-saw, the slides are motionless.  Around the edges of the park are homes with lights in the windows and sounds of families, and streets with traffic rushing by a few meters away, but the park is still.

During school vacations the older kids sometimes gather in the park when it’s dark, to hang out.  But during the school year the park is quiet on weeknights.

The playgrounds can wait until the next morning for the little ones, or until the next afternoon for the school children.

Tonight, everyone rests.



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