Beach 1 Forest 0

Kidlet wanted to hike in the forest today.  We chose a route that would allow her and boyfriend to hike a trail and meet us at the end where we would have been able to park close by and sit in a lovely nature spot to wait.  We printed out maps and information.

I told her that we have to get moving early if we want to enjoy the forest in the daylight.  Weather is awful – windy and dry and icky, but she was determined.

Except she slept late.  And then couldn’t decide what to do.  By the time we actually got going, we realised that it would become dark too soon for a forest hike.

So we opted instead for the beach.  One of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches in my opinion, HaBonim Nature Reserve.  Kidlet and boyfriend went off on one trail to climb a hill to an inlet with caves, partner and I took the pup to a different inlet that was easier to get to.

The sand is more shells than sand.  The rocks are shaped by the waves.  The plants are hardy to survive the environment.  The view is serene and hypnotizing.  Here’s a short pictorial view of our visit.










We stayed as the sun set, and the beach got dark.  We had brownies and beer.  (^_^)  The other folks on the beach left and we had the whole inlet to ourselves.  The stars were amazing.  Partner and I started back to the car before the full moon rose over the hills behind us, so we used flashlights on the dirt trails in the darkness.  Kidlet and boyfriend were a little smarter – they came to meet us after watching the moon rise so they didn’t need flashlights.  Which was good, because they didn’t have any.

We all headed off to a favourite restaurant for a simple, filling meal, then off to home.  Tired but happy.

Have a good week!



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