Dinner and wine and lightning, oh my

I have to cut out red wine from my diet.  I really do.  I rarely drink it because there seems to be a correlation with my migraines.  Not every time I drink red wine, but it happens.  (We haven’t done a real check, though.)  But last night we went to dinner with our friends visiting from Sweden and I agreed to a small glass of sweet Marsala as an aperitif.  Woke up this morning with a horrific migraine, stumbled to the kitchen with squinting eyes  and swallowed meds, then crawled back into bed for another hour or two until I could actually function again.  Head is now in working order, kind of balanced precariously on the shoulders…

Our friends served a lovely meal.  The table was beautifully set, and I had to take a picture.  But I liked the after-dinner photo better, it gives more of a feeling of memories of a great meal rather than anticipation of something not yet experienced.   Plates cleared but glasses still there, candles still lit but burning lower, chairs pushed back.

Wine is also not good for goats.  Was knitting and chatting away after dinner, when I realized I had reversed a cable a row or two back.  Had to tink.  Tinking brioche requires concentration.  Especially with fuzzy yarn.  But I did it.  Yay me!

We left for home after midnight.  It had been nice weather when we arrived, but the rain had begun to fall during the evening and like  a fool I had left the umbrella in the car.  Mad dash along wet and slippery pathways to the car.  Dropped off partner so she could go rescue the dog (who gets very traumatized by thunder) and take her out.

Kidlet wanted to take a drive to take her mind off a minor tiff with boyfriend.  So the two of us hit the highway heading south.  The lightning over the sea was mesmerizing.  We discussed methods of photographing lightning.  When we reached the town of Atlit we turned back, choosing the inner road by the mountain this time instead of the shore road.  At the edge of town we headed up the mountain, passing by the university at the top and down to other towns on the far side before turning back towards home once again from the other direction.  Most of the time we were headed towards the lightning, but once it flashed behind us, lighting up everything in front of us very dramatically.  We continued to cruise randomly around town.  When we finally approached home we chose the scenic road overlooking the bay.  We parked at the one spot that is covered.  There – appropriately enough given our earlier conversation – we found a group of serious photographers set up to shoot the lightning, tripods facing out to sea but protected from the rain by the bridge.  They cheered when they managed to capture a good shot.  I wanted to take a picture of them taking pictures but kidlet thought that was uncool and begged me to restrain myself.  Yeah, ok.  I was sorry I didn’t have the equipment to properly shoot the lightning.  When we left there, it was lucky that we were less than a kilometer from home, because all at once the skies opened up and the rain poured down in sheets making it impossible to see more than a couple of meters in front of us.  The streets suddenly were rivers and the puddles were splashing up to car window height.  Whee!

When we parked at home, kidlet shrugged off her sweater and jumped out of the car for a mad spinning rain dance in the deluge, climbing back into the car dripping and laughing to collect her things to go inside.  I’m certainly glad she had the presence of mind to take off the sweater – she knows not to ruin a hoodie hand-knit by Mom!

Partner clucked a bit over our adventure in the middle of the night, but mostly because she missed it, methinks.  We all fell deeply asleep very quickly.

And today the sun is shining once again!

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