Looking At Life Through A Lens

I’m having a wonderful time with the 365 project, seeing lots of gorgeous pictures, learning about photography, getting comments and advice from other photographers there.  Partner is bemused by the fact that a new toy – a Samsung NX3000 camera – has become part of my daily schlep, along with the Kindle and the knitting bag.


(Kidlet says I look like a hiker everywhere with backpack, pouch, knitting bag and camera bag…)  I suppose I need to get reorganized.

I’m always on the lookout for new things to shoot.  Problem is, there’s not always time, or a place to stop, when I see a “perfect shot”.  I may be a little bit annoying on the subject these days.  Ahem.

There are days when I work all day, don’t take a single picture, and by late evening I’m roaming around the house wondering what to shoot. I end up doing things like grabbing figurines off a shelf or decorations around the house and composing a picture.  Often it turns out really well!




One night I got home late, had no pictures for the day, so I went out to the stairwell landing and got a great shot:

Then there are days when I take a bunch of pictures, and have a devil of a time choosing which one to post.  Decisions, decisions.

One fellow has a scavenger hunt going, putting up a list of items for folks to find and shoot.  Just for fun, no prizes, but it’s a random prompt for pictures, like finding a green car, or a barn, or a cow, and sharing.

Some pictures just appear without warning.


Now, I know one should never text while driving. And even more importantly, never photograph while driving. Honest, I was stopped at a traffic light when this fellow drove by in the opposite direction, and I only had time to grab the phone and squeeze out a shot as he went by.
I was actually on the lookout for a subject on the scavenger hunt list, but seriously, how often does one see a van with glasses and a moustache? Technically, it does fit the hunt, because the driver was on a cell phone (one item on the list) but I’m not counting it…

One morning I was working at the computer, the cat beast was relaxing on a chair next to me when she suddenly stuck her nose into a shaft of sunlight, and her whiskers just lit up.  Again I grabbed the phone, since the camera was in the other room.


A visit to ordinary and public places like the mall offers new opportunities to take pictures and embarrass my kid.


In short, I’m having a lot of fun!  I have plans about more things I want to photograph, and am trying to fit those into short excursions during the busy days’ schedules.

Please visit my project page and tell me what you think!  There will undoubtedly be more cross posting here, but not always.  I may blog more about some of the pictures I love that didn’t make it into my album there!

And maybe you’ll join too and we can enjoy each others’ photographs?


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