SpaceAge and Goats. And a rainbow.

Happy November!   Winter weather approaches, we are enjoying some rain these days.  And beginning to wear All The Knitted Stuff.

And I’m getting some actual cooking done.  Bliss.

My Collectively Curiouser shawl was finished and posted on time, wonder of wonders.  I took some traditional photos for the FO page:


I also took a few that tied in with the Spacy theme, this one being my fave:

Everything looks better with a Tardis.


My Leethal Adventure KAL loop/cowl is finished but not blocked or sewn up yet, will post pictures when that is done.

In the meantime, I’m test knitting a new pattern by leethalknits, a brioche scarf featuring a goat.  Several goats, actually.  In lovely BBB Alpaca, an aran weight alpaca/wool blend, in the unlikely yet striking colour combination of dark teal and light lilac.  The pattern does have a name, but the email from Lee asked “Hey, want to test knit a goat scarf?”

Honestly, who could possibly refuse such a request?

Not me, obviously.

I’m partially through the first part of the pattern, and loving the brioche (it’s my first brioche pattern, another item checked off the knitting bucket list!) but seriously considering frogging and switching around the main and contrast colours.  Because I’m liking how it looks on the WS more than on the RS.  Con:  there’s a deadline, and this could very well turn out just fine.  Pro:  I’ll probably like the switched one better.  I’m letting it sit a wee bit while I meditate on it.  I’ll let you know how that works out.



Monster pants are just about ready to mail off to the small recipient-person.  There is also another new project on the needles, a gift for kidlet that she chose yarn and pattern for ages ago.  I figure it will be done by Chanuka.

Signing off today with another sign of the changing season:  Here’s a photo partner snapped while out walking the dog.

photo by partner

photo by partner

Have a great week!


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