A little off the side, please…

And it’s the city planning committee at its best. Years ago, they planted trees along the edge of the sidewalk on our street.

Unfortunately, there are also power cables strung along there. I guess when they planted the trees they didn’t think they would actually grow? (I picture a startled and perplexed paper-pushing bureaucrat in my mind…)

So now, when the trees start to get too high, the gardening crew comes along, like they did this week, and cuts down the branches interfering with the power lines. Leaving the trees looking very lopsided and miserable.

side cuts

Did a shoddy job, too.  Some of the cut branches are still dangling there. Poor trees.

side cut

Of course, this is the same department that spends a fortune of our municipal tax money to plant blooming flowering plants at intersections and street islands all over the city, then when the plants stop blooming they send a crew around to dig them all up and plant others that are still in bloom.  Tossing hundreds of perfectly good plants into the garbage.  Several times a year.

One would think they should know better.  Or maybe not.

The October sky this morning perfectly suited my mood.  Even if I’m incapable of putting it into words, nature did a spot-on job.

October sky


Well done, nature.  Still treating us to such beauty even after we abuse you the way we do.  I can understand your anger, though.  I just wish folks would pay more attention to it.

Have an amazing day, peeps.


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3 Responses to “A little off the side, please…”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    They do the stupid tree thing here too. At least they’ve figured out wildflowers on corners and islands here.

  2. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    I am happy we’re getting rain. Very happy.

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