The Look Moms Get

I got The Look from my daughter again.

You know the one?  That kind of appalled, kind of disdainful, kind of disbelieving that I could say such a thing sort of look?

It always cracks me up.  Isn’t embarassing or freaking our kids out occasionally one of the simple pleasures of parenthood?

This time, she was watching a biography of Kurt Cobain on TV (she’s a big Nirvana fan).  I was sitting nearby knitting. Cobain was asked in an interview “Can money buy happiness?” He considered it and replied “No, of course not.” I remarked “But it can buy yarn, and that’s almost the same thing.”

Kid’s head swiveled around to me, mouth open and The Look in her eyes. I grinned at her.

Yes, darling, mom is crazy and perfectly happy about it.  Deal with it.

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