In which I begin the year juggling

Juggling projects, of course!  Together with life’s little complications.  Let’s see if I can keep it all going in the air, or if one of those little items is going to suddenly fall and smack me on the head…

Is it really too much to ask for one whole day without drama??

Never mind.  I’m on schedule with the Collectively Curiouser, made it to 40% on Sunday.

curiouser 40%

Definitely Space Age Chic.

The Leethal Adventure cowl is 2/3 done, I’m on the third of three skeins and will begin the last section very soon, just a few pattern repeats to go on the center section.

adventureKAL 70%

Can’t wait to lightly block this and really open it up!

Oh, and these two not being enough, I need a special baby gift for a new friend just born in London, so I’m quickly knitting up some MonsterPants.  I’m still at the “pants” part, the “monster” part comes later.

monster front 2


(I can post this now because the new mom is not a fan of internet/blogs, using basically email and skype and that’s about it…)

So.  Three projects that are great to change up, since each has totally different yarn and texture and they provide true variety.

I’m starting my 365 project a day early – even though 5775 (a palindrome year!) only begins tonight, I snapped a few pictures to get me started.  Kidlet had some tests done this morning, so after we left the medical center we stopped to treat ourselves to some chai latte and/or coffee to take home.  I liked this shot, very simple:

shana tova takeout 1

Although I officially chose this next one as today’s picture, since the catbeast decided to photo-bomb my picture.

shana tova takeout

(Oh, we also grabbed some Cinnabuns to go with the drinks, but don’t tell anybody!!!)

shana tova takeout 2


Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and safe new year!!



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