What lurks behind your stove…

Hopefully, nothing.  Still, scary.

I live in a rented flat, with an elevator because of my silly hip.  (Mine’s rented out to other tenants.)  It’s a big flat, with an awful lot of advantages (including said elevator and reserved parking space), but the landlord really hates to invest anything in it, so most of the plumbing and wiring and built-in stuff like cupboards are old and somewhat falling apart.  We manage.  Although kidlet is desperate to change the closets in her room.

The kitchen is really in need of some care, but landlord and I have different ideas about that.  So I do what I can with what I have.

And then there’s the stove.  When we moved in, landlord wasn’t sure if the oven worked.  It didn’t.  So I used it as extra storage space and did my baking, etc. in a toaster oven.   The gas burners were weak, but two of the four were ok to cook on for the first couple of years.  Then they just kind of gave up.

I called the gas company to come and check if there was a problem with the hookup.  The fellow who came discovered a bad gas leak in the stove itself.  Not his problem.  Oh, and the gas valve in the wall was way out of date, the company couldn’t approve its use.   So he turned the gas off, and unhooked my stove completely.   Even took the gas hose with him – I guess so I wouldn’t be tempted?  By what, if there isn’t any gas being supplied??  It’s a mystery.  But… I digress.  I had a couple of countertop electric burners to use in the meantime.   I figured I would just buy a new stove myself, instead of arguing with the landlord about it, then if/when I move out I take it with me.  The only discussion I had with landlord was getting his permission to toss the old stove out.  He waffled about it, but finally agreed.

Partner wanted to buy a new stove for my birthday, so we did some searching online then headed for the shops.  We also had to make sure that the folks who deliver the stove will take the old one away.  Found just what I wanted!  With quick delivery, within 3 days.  And that only because of the weekend.

Back at home, with some trepidation, I moved the old stove away from the wall to clean the whole space in readiness for the new stove.  And found a sticky mess.  Old grease.  Walls and floor.  Hey, I had never bothered to move the thing before, what with tubes and hoses and wires and stuff.  And I have no idea who cleaned it before me and when.   I always cleaned around it as best I could, but when I moved it, ew.  Hey, be honest, how often do you clean behind and under your stove?  Got out the super cleanser, buckets and scrubs, and started in, tile by tile.  I also attacked the grease that had spilled down the side of the fridge in between the stove and fridge.  (Luckily, that wasn’t nearly as bad.)  Kidlet did help by scrubbing one of the wall tiles clean.  Leaving the remaining 30-some for me.  She claimed it was impossible with her manicure.  Tell me about it, the cleanser ate half my nail polish and dulled the rest…

Many a scotch brite died in the battle.

stove wall

(This is an after picture, I would put a before picture but it’s just too embarrassing.)

The delivery guys were supposed to come yesterday between 8am and noon.  The salesman at the store had recommended I call the gas company and have a technician come out and inspect/turn on the gas after 1:00, so I could get service all in one day and begin using the stove.  Yeah, right.  Fortunately I listended to my gut and waited to call the gas company.  The delivery guy called at 2:15, said he was 10-15 minutes away.  I waited at the window so I could hit the remote to open the parking gate.  He got here at 3:00.  By the time I finally could call the gas company, their offices were closed.

But I have a stove.

stove packaged

I’ll keep you updated.

Oh, and I met the deadline and finished 20% of the Curiouser shawl.  New goal:  40% by next Sunday.

curiouser 20%


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One Response to “What lurks behind your stove…”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    Ew. I’ve never cleaned behind my stove either. Now I’m paranoid about what’s back/under there. Congrats on the new range though!

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