Curiouser. Collectively.

Last year I took part in Helen Stewart’s Curious Collective Shawl Project, first blogged about here, and the finished shawl shown here.  The “design by committee” and subsequent KAL was such a hit that Helen decided to do it again this year.  The voting for options of the pattern began on the Curious Handmade blog in mid-July.  After we voted on all the choices, Helen set about designing this year’s shawl pattern.  This year includes both textured and lace elements.

There will be prizes again for those joining the KAL.  We have a new element in the project this year – knitters can join a tribe, for social support and additional prizes!  The tribes are loosely based on the colour combinations one chooses.

With the yarn I am using from my stash – gray and blue – I am firmly in the Space Age Chic tribe, although the yarns I have chosen for my shawl are darker than the colours in the original KAL options.  I declared in the Ravelry discussion that this places me at the head of the Dark-side-of-the-Moon faction of the tribe, which Helen described as brilliant.

Curious KAL yarn 14

Space Age Chic is the smallest tribe, most folks going for English Rose, Enchanted Forest, French Vintage or Art Deco.  Figures.  Of course I would be in the most “exclusive” tribe, right?

The pattern was released this week, and we have a first target of Sunday the 14th to get 20% of the shawl done.  Once the pattern was released, I had the difficult decision of which colour to make the main colour, and which will be the contrast.  I chose the gray Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine for the textured body, with the  blue Alize Superwash for the lace contrasts.

The first 20 rows of my Collectively Curiouser were quickly done.

curiouser 1


So far I’ve managed to get  10% done, so I’m pretty well on schedule.

curiouser plus 10%

How can I tell how far I’ve reached?  Helen’s patterns make it very easy!  For all rows, she gives both the stitch count you should have at the end of the row, and the percentage of the project you’ve finished.  (That’s on the written directions, which she gives as well as all the charts needed…)

Curious pattern

I love it so  far – garter body, with a stockinette edge, instead of the opposite!  Yes, the edge curls.  It’s supposed to.   It curls as far as the extra-large eyelets, then stops, making it a lovely border for the garter!

curiouser edge

So as of this week I’m juggling this with the leethal Adventure KAL.  Come and join the fun!


knitting curiouser

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