A Leethal Adventure

Lee Meredith (leethalknits) describes herself as a maker of things, doer of stuff, with a main focus on designing original hand-knit accessories.  Her patterns are always amazing, like the Mikkey cowl I test-knit for her, shown in my last post.  Another test-knit was her Lerro shawl, a true knitting experience!

Lerro FO1

Lerro FO3

I spent many an hour with this going “huh?”, ruffling pages as I searched for clarification, then finally reaching the “oh!! cool!” moments, following up to 5 charts at a time, muttering to myself during stitch-n-bitch meetings.  (Luckily my knit sibs know me…I may have been giggled at a few times.  Ahem.)  The finished object is something I am immensely proud of!!

Lee has the ability to deconstruct stitches and put them back together in amazing and very unexpected ways.  She plays with colour.  She takes into account all possibilities, and many of her patterns are written so that you can continue knitting until your yarn runs out, or make whatever size or pattern combination you want. Complex but extremely thorough instructions – including tutorials – make her patterns many pages long, but the answer to any possible pattern question can be found there.  Last winter I knit her Robin shawl in no time at all, and it was great fun.

Robin FO


Lee’s patterns are always an adventure.  So when the 2014 leethal Adventure Knit-a-long was announced in July, I jumped at it.  More about it on her blog.  Parts of the pattern have been released all during August and into September, with an adventure story to accompany them.  Clues.  Teasers.  Hints.  Toys to play with.  There’s a mystery chest involved (and an attic).  The pattern is available in full pages, or in little foldable booklets.  Spoilers are clearly marked for those who want to be surprised.

adventureKAL books

The object and shape you knit can be chosen or randomly picked.  Cowls, scarves, shawlettes, shawls, and even a shirt in many possible shapes and variations can be made from the shape patterns.  Then there are 24 unique stitch patterns to mix and match, either deliberately or totally at random, they can all flow together.  So each finished object is different than all the others.

There are many different ways to randomize the (named and numbered) patterns.  You can just choose a number, or ask others in your family or circle to choose.  Throw dice.  Use a random number generator on the computer.  I already told you about the fortune teller/cootie  catcher(s) for patterns.  There’s also a Ouija board for choosing both shapes and patterns, pattern cards to draw, the fortune teller when laid flat can be the base for spinning a bottle, and a sheet to determine pattern choices by numerology!

adventureKAL randomize


I decided (without the Ouija) to knit a long strip or loop for a cowl.

I started out with the set-up and part of the first section with  Soul Wool Tibetan yarn in purple,  but it was soon apparent that as delightful as the yarn is to knit with, the colour changes were obscuring the patterns.

adventureKAL 1st 2

So the first attempt was frogged, and the yarn will be used for something else yummy.  I cast on again with Sublime Yarn Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply, and it was a good call!

I’m halfway through the middle section, which means I’m halfway done!

adventureKAL loop sect1-2

(The colour is actually a lovely blue, totally washed out in the pictures…I’ll try to get better pictures when it’s done.)

This will be amazing blocked.  Some interesting combinations of stitch patterns are emerging from the (mostly) random order.  (The order muppet in me has interfered in this chaos muppet project a couple of times, in a general way.)

I especially like the Pallas-Virgo-Vesta combo:

Advkal pallas-virgo-vesta

and the Astraea-Aries-Sun combo:

Advkal astraea-aries-sun

And who knows what comes next!!!

I can later use the pattern for other projects, other shapes, either randomizing the stitch patterns or determining them in advance, for many more unique items to come.

The adventure continues.




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3 Responses to “A Leethal Adventure”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    What gorgeous shawls. I don’t play with colorwork nearly often enough.

  2. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Lerro is gorgeous after blocking.
    Kudos for knitting it. Definitely a challenging shawl.

  3. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    I love the Lethal KAL.
    Next time when you do something like this, maybe you can invite me too? It would be fun to do the same KAL.

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