Flower on my shoulder

A couple of years ago Bat (crazyvet on Ravelry) hand dyed 500 meters of  superwash merino yarn for me in a Yarn & Falafel swap.

CrazyVet handdyed 2

Loved the gorgeous colours, but kept looking for the right pattern, without success.

Then Jenny (stolenpony on Rav) gifted me a pattern as a RAP (Random Act of Pattern) – The Hibiscus Shawl by Laura Chau, that had been on my wish list for a while.

It was a perfect match.  And a community gift!

Well, I finally got around to knitting it, in between other projects/gifts/testknits/KALs/and whatnot.

It’s a lovely, soft, open mesh shawl, with a big flower on the shoulder.

hibiscus FO 1

Hm.  Blurry picture.

Here’s a closeup of the flower:

hibiscus FO flower

Still a little blurry.

Kidlet was kind enough to model it for me, although it’s so hot out she felt the shawl was quite warm enough over her summer garb…

hibiscus FO 2

hibiscus FO 4

This will be a fantastic accessory when the weather gets cooler!  I predict much use.  And a warm reminder of gifts and kindness.



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