Ye Olde Stash of Yore

Well, the catbeast managed to knock down a big canvas bag that has been in storage forever and stuck on a high shelf.  It holds yarn that I used ages ago before (quality) yarn could be acquired online, brands that I knit with and/or bought back in the 80s.   (I still have the knitting magazines, with the patterns I knit with this stuff…I usually managed a few sweaters per year.)   I haven’t touched it in years, but since the cat knocked it all down, I decided to do some housecleaning, at least sort and catalogue it all.

There were balls of yarn, partial balls of yarn, several unifinished objects, including scarves, a sweater that was finished except for the collar (and which I have no recollection of knitting…), and a few swatches.  Some of the yarn was organised in separate plastic bags, but a great deal of it was in an incredibly tangled mess.

yarn mess

So… I got to work.  In total, I found 110 full skeins of yarn in there.  With the exception of one yarn, all are 100% acrylic. That was all that was available in the local yarn shops in the 80s and into the 90s.   And not the most pleasant to work with, compared with some of the yarns available today.

I remember some of my old projects knitted with much of the partial skeins.  I still have a few, many were gifted.   (That one sweater sure baffles me, though.  Kidlet kind of likes it, asked if maybe I would finish it for her.  Doubtful.)  I never put any of them on my Rav project page.  Maybe I should?

Most of the local yarn companies and almost all of the yarns no longer exist.

old stuff

I’m still debating what I’m going to do with all the yarn I sorted and recorded.  A few are sweater quantity. Some are odds and ends.  Some are clearly matched for a colourwork project.

I put it all on one page of my Ravelry stash, with all the details, and titled it “Old Stuff”.

In the meantime it’s back in the canvas bag and back on the shelf.  At least I know now what exactly is in there.

Any ideas?




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