A present to myself

Birthday blessings abound!

Was awakened by a happy birthday message on my phone at 5am.  (I don’t think the person who sent it realized that it would wake me….whoops)   and then I became aware of a pile of shiny birthday balloons on my bed!

birthday balloons

The catbeast is quite concerned about these balloons.  She sits in the doorway and watches them warily…and when the breeze from the window makes them move she scoots backwards.  Quite funny.  When the breeze sends them bouncing down and out of the room she retreats to a safe perch to observe.

Then I discovered kidlet’s next gift.  She waited until I went to bed last night and then cleaned the house.  As in move-the-furniture-around-and-get-the-dust-bunnies-scrub-the-floor-and-all-surfaces kind of clean.  Cleaned the fridge too.  And I slept on…  She set the dining room table with fruit, tea, and a birthday letter.

birthday table

There were also little happy birthday post-it notes attached around the house, on doors and other items where I would spot them.  Gifts of love, so much more special than possessions.  And much treasured!

The morning surprises were followed by a lazy day.  Reading, knitting.  Birthday wishes flowed in from friends and family from far and wide on various and sundry social media sites, phone calls, text messages.  Deadlines and bureaucracy were put aside for the day.  News and politics muted.  As much as possible.

Got gussied up for a fancy night out.  Partner fretted (as usual) about not being able to take the dog.  We went to a lovely restaurant and splurged, diets forgotten for the evening.  Wine.  Music.  Sparkler on my dessert.  Much laughter…

l'haim 2014

(Came home and kidlet decided she just had to bake brownies.  Much debate about adding white chocolate chips.  Partner and I did a taste test and pronounced them great.  Most are now saved for boyfriend tomorrow…)

And now it’s after midnight, no longer my birthday.  ‘Twas an all-round satisfying day.  I have much to be grateful for.

It has been far too long.  Life has been crazy.   My biggest gift to myself:  a return to my blogging.  I miss it.  I need it.  I want it back.



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3 Responses to “A present to myself”

  1. jpickart Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Belated …. but does it REALLY matter? Glad to have you blogging again … missed reading them even though I seldom reply! Looking forward to catching up .. have been wondering about you as the unrest in your world has been going on. I’m not exactly sure where you are … but hoping you’re safe!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks for the welcome back! Yes, the world around is in turmoil, we’re safe, thanks. I will probably try to deal with it here at some point…

  2. feelgoodknitting Says:

    What an awesome sounding birthday! Welcome back to the blog world. 🙂

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