Hitchcock Revisited… “Good Eeevening. And welcome to a Murder of Crows.”

On Saturday we had an odd little episode.  I was happily resting and knitting in the afternoon, when I heard a cacophony of cawing outside the window.  I went to the balcony to look.  Dozens of crows were swooping and circling between our building and the building across the street.  And making a whole  lot of noise.  They were also perched on the roof across the way, and on the street light posts.  But most were not being still, they were in frantic movement.  Some just metres away from us.  I grabbed my camera to catch just a few seconds of it.

This went on for easily 10 minutes.   I have no idea what set them off.  But they were obviously stirred up.

The cat was mesmerized.

watching the birds

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally settled down and flew to wherever it is they usually hang out.  And we settled down as well and I got back to knitting.

Very odd.  I didn’t see Tippi Hedron anywhere outside.  (Yeah, I looked.)

tippi hedron

Maybe someone bought a pair of lovebirds?  Anyone familiar with crow behaviour?

I suppose Alfred was just having a giggle.


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