Locking up the citizens?

So kidlet wanted to take a walk this evening.  Not far, just down the road to one of the parks.  I still can’t do much walking, so I told her I’d take the car and she could go by foot.

The pot roast and the veggies were still cooking away in the slow cooker, nothing to worry about, off we went.

Well, we got to the city’s sculpture garden and found the gates open.  I parked by one of the gates, kidlet decided she wanted to sit by herself on a bench and do some writing.  So I stayed by the car across from the gate and took out the knitting.  Pleasant evening, nice breeze, but not too cool for comfort.  Alone time, together.

After about half an hour, maybe more, a police car swung by and parked by the gate.  One of the officers went into the park, then came back out and they proceded to lock the gates to the park.  I didn’t see kidlet so I called her on her phone.  She ran to check the other gate, and told me it was also locked.  I yelled out to the police that there was still someone left in the park, but they ignored me – just got into their car and took off.   Hey!

Kidlet made a quick round of the park to check out options, then came to the gate where I was waiting,   She handed me her things, then managed to climb up one side of the fence, swing herself over, and slide two meters down the outside.   Better her than me, I would never have gotten my hip and my weight over like that.

She told me she saw the police do a brief look through the park, but never even swung their flashlights in her direction.  She didn’t immediately realise that they were planning on locking up the place.  Pretty shoddy job, if you ask me.

We headed on home for a wonderful Shabbat dinner of roast beef with lots of trimmings.  And freshly baked brownies for dessert.  And toasted each other for a successful “escape” caper.

Well, at least now we know what time they lock the gates…




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