A busy day in which much knitting was done

Up very early to get kidlet up and ready to go – it takes her an amazingly long time to get moving in the morning.  Early breakfast, as she needed to fast several hours before tests at the medical center.  Out of town.  We hit the road.

Actually made it in time, checked in then spent an hour waiting.  Knitted.

Tests done, stopped for lunch, ran a  couple of errands like filling the tank.  Drove back to town.

Another doctor’s appointment.  Knitted while waiting.

Met partner and went to a dog park with the pup.  Played a bit, then let dog and kidlet race each other around.  Sat on a bench and knitted.

dog park knitting

After taking puppy home, partner started sorting through old clothes to see what kidlet may want.  Knitted and watched Johnny Depp movie with kidlet.

Mid movie – friends visiting from abroad called, they have arrived in Haifa, let’s meet for dinner.  No time to change, off to their rented flat then to a restaurant.  Fantastic food, fantastic company, back to their flat for tea.  Knitted.

Got home after midnight.

Hello, bed, I need some quality time with you.


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One Response to “A busy day in which much knitting was done”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    Wow, busy indeed! Sounds like fun though – and the project is looking awesome!

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