O Mio Babbino Caro

That’s the aria from Puccini’s opera “Gianni Schicchi” that blew me – and evidently quite a few others -away this week,

There are many reality music/talent shows these days.  Too many.  The “idol” shows, which started in Britain and then spread worldwide to umpteen countries – known in Israel as “A Star is Born” – has been around for more than a decade,  This year Israel changed the format entirely and it’s known as “The Next Star”, complete with interactive home audience real-time  participation.  “The Voice” began in Holland, and quickly spread as well.  We’ve had two local seasons of that so far.  The new show around here is the Israeli “X-Factor”.  More of the same, but we keep watching it, because there’s a lot of raw talent out there and we love to discover it.

One show that hasn’t yet made it to Israel is the “__’s Got Talent”  (another show born in Britain, but this one is for all kinds of entertainment, not just singing.  Although singing is certainly there.)

This week on “Holland’s Got Talent” a young girl named Amira Willighagen stepped onto the stage.  She’s 9 years old.  As reported in the Huff Post:

It’s hard to believe how young Amira is, but even more surprising to learn that she is completely self-taught, and used only YouTube tutorials to learn how to sing.

She told the judges, “My brother Vincent plays violin, and I also wanted to do something…  So I thought, I’m going to sing… and then I heard opera songs, which I found very beautiful and that’s when I started singing,” HLNBE reports.

And this is what happened.

I don’t know if the judges’ reactions were real or staged.  Truthfully, I don’t care.

Remember this child’s name.  She is going to be very famous.   And rightfully so.


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3 Responses to “O Mio Babbino Caro”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Holy chit! Now that’s a TALENT if I ever heard one!

  2. Rachel gotthelf Says:

    I saw her first audition and i was stoned on my chair special girl with an unusual talented voice

  3. Rachel gotthelf Says:

    Ok I,m afan

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