Fuzzy Blue Giraffe

Happy November!

So the monthly K/CAL in the Ravelry Cowls group is colourwork cowls!  Any kind of colourwork – intarsia, fair isle,  double knitting, slipstitch, stripes…   I don’t usually join in the cowl KALs, don’t know why, but this just called to me.

I’ve had Shui Kuen Kozinski’s Spotted Giraffe Cowl in my library and in my queue for a long time.  When I bought the pattern over a year ago, I got a sweet message from Shui Kuen inviting me to join the KAL for the pattern in her group, but things were crazy and I didn’t get to it, although the yarn was already picked out.  Mondial Le Perle Prestigio Super mohair in teal and white.  Lace weight, but close to cobweb. Knitting a blue giraffe.  No relation to the giraffes currently populating everyone’s facebook profiles.  (I refused to play that game – I don’t open the door to anyone at 3am, thank you – thus keeping my profile giraffe-free.)

So anyway, the colourwork K/CAL was the perfect opportunity to cast on!

Casting on over 250 stitches in lace weight mohair, held double, took a while.  And then I failed basic counting class, even with stitch markers to help, and cast on too many.  Which meant I had to take out some of the cast on stitches.  And the fuzz of the mohair had totally stuck together.  A tiny 0.75mm crochet hook couldn’t get out the knots, I had to use a sharp needle.  Which kind of de-fuzzed part of the yarn.  OK, not a good start.  But once I got untangled, it was smooth sailing through the border.

Giraffe border

Like knitting a fuzzy cloud.

The pattern uses the hexagon, or honeycomb stitch – slipping or dropping one colour while knitting with the other.  No floats, knitting with only one colour at a time.  The first row of spots was soon done.

Giraffe first spots

Now I’m on the second row of spots – not bad progress for the first day!

(I may even be able to join another KAL if I finish this quickly…  Not that I’m addicted or anything…)


Shabbat Shalom, everyone!


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3 Responses to “Fuzzy Blue Giraffe”

  1. feelgoodknitting Says:

    Looks like a funny knit!

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