Have Revision Will Knit

New version of the Origami pattern was released to the test knitters, but I had already finished with the old instructions.  What to do?  Knit another one, of course!  Tried to knit the new pattern as if it was new to me, even though I had the stitch pattern already in my head.  This time I used Rowan Luxury Cotton, much more splitty and less yielding/forgiving than the merino.  But soft and light and better for the warmer weather of Spring.

spring origami pre blocking

I blocked it a little less aggressively, so it’s a little squooshier.  But very good stitch definition!  These are almost instant gratification, and fun.  Once you figure out what exactly is going on.  And a great project to use up leftover yarn.

Minor decision about where to store these gems: with the scarves, with the cowls, or with the miscellaneous accessories.    Went with the last choice.  My knitted objects are all kept in a deep and wide drawer.  Ever since some invading silverfish destroyed a shawl, two (different) socks and a cowl everything is further protected by super-thick vacuum bags.

Knit drawer

The extra-thick bags are tinted blue, that isn’t the defining colour of the finished objects!!  (And I’m learning to darn socks so that I can repair what was destroyed…except for the cowl, which was evidently the favourite creepy-crawly snack and can’t really be saved.  At least I seem to have left the creatures behind when I moved.  Still…..better safe than sorry.)

And on to the future projects:  Over on the Curious Collective Shawl, the first poll is over.  With 1550 people voting, textured won out over lace 51%-49%.  Very close race!  The new poll is all about shape – triangle, rectangle, or semi-circle.  My latest pattern-browsing obsession is crescent-shaped shawls, so I went for the semi-circle.  We’ll see if this time my first choice wins out!

So many projects, so little time.

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