From Crazed to Curious with Origami in between

I’ve been grabbing my knitting time out of a busy schedule, the odd moment here and there.

Crazed is twisting along crazily.  I finished Chart A with only one mishap – when retrieving a dropped stitch I must have accidentally picked up an extra loop and knitted it in..ended up with my count off, so I made up for it elsewhere and managed to keep everything in pattern.  Blocking should hide it – and if not, it’s a perfect feature for this project anyway.   Can you spot it?  Betcha can’t.

Crazed chart a

Now I’m halfway through Chart B.   The stockinette is curling meanwhile, because that’s what stockinette does.  Very predictable, stockinette.

Crazed chart b

I took some time off from Crazed to do a test knit for Kam at Everyday Peacocks, a little shawlette called Origami.  It’s actually more of a scarflette.  She initially thought it was an advanced beginner project, but we test knitters have persuaded her to classify it as at least intermediate.

It calls for about 70 yards of DK yarn.  I had enough Indigodragonfly DK superwash in Monster Mash left over from Nerwin’s sweater to manage just fine.

nerwin 2

So now Nerwin and I can be twins.  Except I’m not purple.

Origami is really an intriguing knit.  It seems deceptively simple, but the pattern was hard to wrap my head around.  Slips and wraps and short rows…  Once I got it, I still had to pay attention and really read my knitting to stay in pattern.  The stitch pattern is very textured, especially in the DK yarn.

origami pre-blocking

I decided to block it fairly aggressively, since the superwash does tend to bounce back somewhat.

Origami blocking

And the result is a very chic little accessory – a quick knit with a small amount of yarn.  This could be addictive.  Can be worn with a cute little shawl pin, or not…

Origami FO

The finished pattern, with all of our suggested revisons, should be published on Ravelry next month,  in early June.  Recommended!

Another recommended knitting adventure is happening at Helen Stewart’s Curious Handmade – the Curious Collective Shawl Project.  This is not a Knit-Along – well, not yet – it’s more of a “design-along”.   A kind of a choose-your-own-shawl adventure.  Shawl by committee.   Every week for the next five weeks, Helen will post a poll regarding the shawl design.  The only decision so far is that it will be a two-colour shawl.  Based on the poll each week, Helen will work in the winning feature.  In the meantime, you can sign up to download the pattern-that-isn’t-designed-yet here on Ravelry for when the shawl is released sometime in July.  (Then it may become a knit-along…)   The first poll is to choose whether it will be more of a lace shawl or a textured shawl.  Have a preference?  Go and vote!   (So far it’s pretty much tied…)  This is fun!   The price of the pattern will be free until 24 May and then gradually increase to full price after the full pattern has been released. So the earlier you get in on it the better deal you will get!

Life is anything but boring when you’re a knitter.

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4 Responses to “From Crazed to Curious with Origami in between”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Love your Crazed! 😀
    I am going to vote for the “Shawl by Committee” .

    What did you chose – lace or textured?

  2. feelgoodknitting Says:

    That patterning in Crazed is awesome. Too cool!

  3. Curiouser. Collectively. | Eclecticitee Says:

    […] year I took part in Helen Stewart’s Curious Collective Shawl Project, first blogged about here, and the finished shawl shown here.  The “design by committee” and subsequent KAL was […]

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