Letting my inner crazy shine through.

So the Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination package arrived.

The mystery skein was wonderful – DK cashmere in the colourway Bright Lights, Big City, Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn.

indigodragonfly DK cashmere slow unicorn

Sooooooooooooooo  soft.  I am currently searching for a pattern worthy of this.

And the Club yarn?  Luscious Merino Nylon sock yarn in the colourway Kermidiot.  (For when you just gotta flail.)

indigodragonfly MN sock Kermidiot

I love this colourway!

The Club pattern this time is Crazed, designed by Ellen Poirot.

Official club bio of Ellen:

Ellen Poirot:  quaint Parisian yarn farmer.

Ellen Poirot:  sober woman in search of a Wine TARDIS.

Ellen Poirot:  only really sane on alternate Tuesdays.  When there’s a full moon.  And grapefruit.

Yes.   THAT Ellen.

(Side note:  Ellen discovered Indigodragonfly and the Smart-Ass club through this blog.  Kim says it’s all my fault…)

Ellen’s description of the Crazed shawlette:

Happy be the crazed, for they let the light shine through.

This asymmetrical shawlette is twisted enough to test your sanity with just enough stockinette to calm your nerves.

Let your inner crazy shine through.

Well.  Letting my inner crazy shine through has never been a problem for me.  (Maybe for others, though…)

I couldn’t wait to cast on for this.  One of those patterns that you have to pay close attention – no rhyme or reason to where it’s going, although it does line up nicely to wander around…  There are  lots of twisting stitches.  I tried doing them without a cable needle, which I have done many times before, but I kept dropping the live stitch and got tired of fishing it back up…so I added a crochet hook to grab the twisted stitches and it is all going along much better now.

Finished the set up section, using both chart and written instructions to help me figure it out and keep my place.

crazed set up 2

By the end of the set up, I could move on to just using the charts.

I’m now halfway through the first chart, entitled “The Scourge of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Floor Since 1905”.

Yes, she names her charts.  Or maybe Kim-n-Ron did that before it reached our inboxes.

There are three charts, and the pattern calls for four chart repeats of  your choice in whatever order you want.  I will probably do the second chart – “Lousy Marxist Oysters” – twice, then finish up with the last chart – “Relax, It’s Only Laced With Turkeys” – once.  The charts become progressively more lacy as you go.

And all of this is being kept in the club swag, a Kermidiot project bag, designed by Darby Bayly, who makes all the project bags on the Indigodragonfly website.

Kermidiot bag

Another winning package,  and I’ve signed up for another year!

Knit On, fellow smart-asses.



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One Response to “Letting my inner crazy shine through.”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    I love this yarn too!
    I just might start knitting this one soon

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