Crazed and a Cozy

(Not a cozy mystery this time…although I am reading one.  A good one, too.)

Yes, the Smart-Ass package arrived.  And I have cast on for the new project.  The pattern is called “Crazed“, but I can’t say or show more than that since it’s still on spoiler status.  (Club patterns and yarns are not to be posted until a certain amount of time has passed since the shipment date.  Except in a special spoiler forum thread in the indigodragonfly group on Ravelry.)  But it will be here soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I knitted up a quick project today.

The other day, when I was getting a modem for the computer,  the company offered me a new limited family plan that would include the modem and upgrades for our phone service for a cheaper fixed price than what I was paying.  Sounded good, so after checking out other options I went for the new plan.   Then they told me that iPads for the family were also included in the price.  I told them we already had iPhones and a laptop, we really didn’t need iPads.  But they said I would still pay the same fixed price for the plan whether I took them or not, so why not?

So.  I brought home 3 iPads.  Kidlet was quite thrilled – a new toy for her.  Partner says it’s much better than the tablet she bought last year and almost never uses.  And I’m having fun checking out the possibilities.

But I can’t just carry an unprotected tablet in my bag, right?  I grabbed yarn and needles, knitted up a couple of swatches, and got busy on an iPad cozy.

iPad cozy 1

This is actually super bulky felting yarn (Schachenmayr SMC Wash + Filz it!), and my original plan was to lightly felt it.  But kidlet thought it was much better like this, so I shrugged and added the button and left it as is.

iPad cozy 2

From my knitting notes:

Cast on 30 sts with Judy’s Magic Cast-On.

Knitted with magic loop, slipped first stitch each side on alternate rounds.

When I reached length required: BO 18, k9, BO 3. Cut yarn, joined to remaining st.

1: K9
2: P9
3: ssk, K7, K2tog
4: P7
stockinette 6 rows
11: K2, BO3, K2
12: P2, CO3, P2
13: K7
14: P7
15: ssk, K3, K2tog
16: BO in p

I would have liked to do a felting project, but I like this too.  Maybe I’ll knit and felt one in another colour for kidlet….

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One Response to “Crazed and a Cozy”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    That’s a good plan 🙂
    Enjoy the iPads and the cozies too

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