Clear the Decks!

Well, not really.  I did finish two WIPs this week, out of the many WIPs still on the needles.

The Rainbow Hands Feeding Ducks is finished and blocked.

HHFD blocking 2


And kidlet’s Minty Molly is finished and has been squealed over, especially the pompom.

It can be worn with the brim folded up

minty molly FO 1

Or with the brim down as a slouchy.

minty molly FO 2

Kidlet wants to stretch it just a little, so I gave her a balloon.  Molly is stretching in her room now.

stretching molly

(The picture is upside down so you can see the hat properly.)

Why the push to finish?  Because I have a notice that there’s a package from abroad waiting for me, and I just know it holds Smart-Ass yarn for a pattern I want to do right away!

I’m a little worried because normally they don’t do pick ups on Friday, so any notices on Thursday say pick up on Sunday.  But this one says pick up tomorrow – I hope I don’t show up only to have them tell me to come back on Sunday!!  That would be a typical  bureaucratic snafu.

Meanwhile, tonight is make-progress-on-one-more-WIP time.  While trying to ignore the noise from the TV – Kidlet is watching Twilight for the umpteenth time.  Feh.

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One Response to “Clear the Decks!”

  1. knitredchocolatebookcat Says:

    Oh, I love both of them! Gorgeous!. The yarn and pattern of the scarf are perfect together 🙂

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